Wyze Plug Not Connecting to Wifi? this fix worked!


Usually, your Wyze plug may not be connecting to the WiFi because of poor internet connectivity. The Wyze plug can be controlled with WiFi. As such, it is suitable for turning on all devices that are connected to it. You can then control the other devices using your phone.

Wyze expanded to include extra home products including Wyze plugs. As such it rose to become one of the most reviewed products. As I explored further, I discovered some of the complaints about the Wyze plug.

Fortunately, you can always find remedies to restore the situation. Typically, there are two major causes for your Wyze plug not connecting to the WiFi. First is the fact that the WiFi location permission is disabled, or the WiFi speeds are slower than normal.

The WiFi frequency aIso matters. Router settings, plug being out of network’s range, and using wrong WiFi settings seem to be other causes for the Wyze Plug not connecting to the WiFi.

I will explore some of the popular reasons for Wyze not connecting in this article. Keep reading to uncover more.

Why is My Wyze Plug Not Connecting to WiFi?

Disconnected WiFi

Whenever the WiFi is disconnected, it is obvious that there will be no connectivity. This affects your Wyze Plug functionality. To rectify this, you need to connect or reconnect the plug to the WiFi.

Fix – Reconnect to WiFi

  1. Make sure to plug in the power.Verify that the switch onto which the Wyze plug is connected has been switched on.
  2. You then need to power cycle the plug once it has connected successfully.Simply unplug it for a few seconds before plugging it back.
  3. In case the power cycle does not allow you to plug online, then you need to consider a factory reset. You need to consider the app log ID before proceeding with the factory reset.
  4. Next go to the Wyze app and tap on the Wyze plug
  5. Submit a log. Do this by tapping on the settings icon, followed by Wyze support, and finally on submit a log
  6. Select the connectivity issues and submit the app log by filling in the relevant details.
  7. In case you have to send an app log ID to the support team then it is best that you record it somewhere or have it saved.
  8. Contact the Wyze customer care in case of a plug reactivation need, especially if the device was offline for a long time

2. Corrupted Network Information

Sometimes your WiFi information is off. This could be caused by a bug. The only way to remedy such a situation is to reset the connection information from the plug. This ensures that all previously saved info is deleted and the plug begins from a clean slate. To do this successfully, a factory reset is recommended.

Fix – Carry Out a Factory Reset

  1. Pressing and holding the On-off button until the plug turns on. This is signified by the flashing of blue status light
  2. Once the blue light flashes, set the Wyze plug through the app once more.
  3. Connect it to the newly set WiFi

3. Wrong Network Frequency Setting and Firewall Block

Note that the Wyze plug does not work on 5GHz network frequency. It needs the 2.4GHz network to operate. Unfortunately, there is bound to be some level of interference within the 2,4GHz network, especially if other devices are already connected to it.

I would suggest having a dedicated WiFi connection just for the Wyze plug if you can. The goal is to eliminate the possibility of poor network connection as this causes a significant hindrance.

Also check that you do not have a firewall blocking the Wyze website and plug. Minimize the number of apps connected to the WiFi as this causes high levels of interference.

Fix – Reboot the Modem and Manage Network Settings

  1. You need to use the right network frequency for your Wyze plug. The 2.4GHz is the right frequency type for this smart plug.
  2. Ordinarily though, you should reboot your modem each time your Wyze device goes offline. Wait for the modem to finish rebooting and fully connect as this will stabilize the connection.
  3. Once the connection stability is verified, visit the Wyze website and connect the plug.
  4. To manage network settings you will have to log into the admin panel.
  5. Locate the default login details at the bottom of your router. Alternatively, call for assistance from the internet service provider.
  6. Besides that you need to check the network security encryption and set it to WPA/ WPA2.Also set the authorization type as AES. Avoid new protocols such as WPA3 as it is likely to lead to connectivity issues. You also need to confirm that the router is not blocking any ports.
  7. Finish by checking MAC address filtering settings and keep it toggled off. This way you prevent other devices from gaining access to your network and as such prevent connection interference.
  8. Use a strong network connection whenever you set up the plug. This supports server communication and allows the plug to be quickly bound to your account.
  9. After making these changes, reboot the router to make them effective then complete by reconnecting the devices.

4. Outdated Firmware

Even as you try all the other resolutions I have explained above, you need to understand that some of the Wyze plugs need to have firmware updates every now and then. It can be somewhat frustrating having to deal with numerous updates at the same time. You can always tell if the plug needs an update when the light on it flashes.

Fix – Update Plug Firmware

  1. Exercise some patience and wait for the flashing light to stop. More often than not this issue resolves itself and you can tell when the flashing light ceases. However, this does not apply to all Wyze plugs.
  2. In case yours is an exception, then use the plug button to switch it off.
  3. Alternatively, force close the app and have it restart if you want to see the screen.
  4. You can either tap on the Indicator or push the plug button to switch it off.
  5. Go to the section of the plug device where mandatory updates are then update it. You should not have challenges as this works almost half the time.

5. The Plug is far Away

The location of the plug matters, especially during setup. Make sure the plug is close to the router when setting up. Note that WiFi signal strength decreases the further away the plug is from the router.

Fix – Move the Router Close or Use a WiFi Extender

  1. You should always place the plug close to the router. This is the only way to guarantee strong signals
  2. Alternatively, use a network extender to help distribute the WiFi signal strength evenly. A mesh network setup can also work the same.
  3. Once the router is close to the plug, refresh the network and try setting up again

6. Presence of a VPN and Ad Guard

Note that an Ad guard and VPN can cause interference whenever you are connecting your Wyze plug to the network. It is best to turn these off each time you are connecting the plug. Usually, the VPN will mask the IP address and hinder other devices connected to the router from being discovered. The adBlocker or AdGuard has similar effects as the VPN. Always consider turning off the Ad blocker and VPN temporarily.

Fix – Reset the Plug and Reconnect

  1. You need to ensure that the VPN and Ad blocker are switched off each time you are connecting the Wyze plug to the WiFi. However, the ultimate solution is to reset the plug and reconnect it to the WiFi.
  2. To do this, press and hold on to the power button for at least 5 to 10 minutes
  3. Attempt to reconnect the plug using the app via the mobile device as long as it is connected to the same network.
  4. When the setup is in process, turn off the mobile data
  5. For classic plug setup, go to the Wyze app, tap on the + icon, add device, choose power and lightning, select the plug model, input the right network details, connect to the hotspot, and allow the app to locate and connect the plug correctly.
  6. Note that the Wyze 2021 model allows for bluetooth connection/ setup. As such, you can enable bluetooth and allow the app to access.

7. Faulty Device

Sometimes there is nothing you can do about the connectivity if the problem is a broken Wyze plug. To know that this is a possible issue, the plug will continually fail to broadcast the WiFi hotspot. Regardless of all your efforts to rectify this error any other way, you will not succeed.

Fix – Contact Wyze Support

    1. If the error is persistent and no other resolution works, then there is a possibility that the device is faulty. The best thing would be to call for customer support.
    2. You can also submit an app log through the app. Make sure to take note of the app log ID.
    3. The Wyze support team will proffer the perfect solution, in most cases being to replace the faulty plug.
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