Starlink Travel Case As Carry on Hand Luggage

Starlink Travel Case As Carry on Hand Luggage

Starlink introduced the Starlink Travel Case which enables you to pack your standard Starlink hardware with you anywhere you go, including if you have to get on a plane.

The Starlink travel case ensures that you keep your Starlink hardware protected whether you are traveling by road, sear or air. It is easy to set up and has compartments for each standard component of the Starlink kit.

So, if you own a Starlink travel case, you may be wondering if you can use it as a carry-on hand luggage on an airplane. In this article, I will answer all the questions that you may have around whether you can use the Starlink travel case as a carry-on hand luggage that may fit in the overhead bins of airplanes.

Can You Use Starlink Travel Case As Carry On Hand Luggage?

The honest answer to this is that it depends on your airline and the particular flight.

The Starlink case measures 25.5″ x 17″ x 13.25″, which is quite larger than the overhead bins of most airplanes. It weighs 4.5 kg when empty, but it is unlikely that you would travel with an empty Starlink case.

However, the only way to know for sure if you can use the Starlink travel case as a carry-on hand luggage is to contact your airline and find out if this travel case can be accommodated on board as such.

Alternatively, you could also find out if they can make accommodations for you and the travel case as a “special luggage”.

The bottom line is that if you want to transport your Starlink travel case without hassle via air, then your best bet is to check it in rather than try to take it as a carry-on hand luggage.

How Much Can You Fit in Starlink Travel Case?

Well, I already stated the dimensions of the Starlink travel case. Also, it weighs just about 4.5kg when empty, which is about 10 pounds.

The Starlink travel case will contain all the standard components of your Starlink including the dish, the cables, the router, and the tripods. Essentially, everything that Starlink comes with fits comfortably in the Starlink Travel case.

The case Includes an instruction sheet that demonstrates how to pack every component of the kit nicely into the case. For example, you will find that the router goes in first followed by the stand and then the cables. Next you bring down the protective layer and then lay the dish on top. Consult the instruction sheet that is shipped with your Starlink travel case to pack your Starlink equipment safely, neatly, and comfortably.

When it comes to moving the case, you have the option to choose from either of two handles, or the backpack straps. The backpack straps are wide and very comfortable, and are designed to help you easily carry the standard Starlink kit weight in the travel case.

Now, if you would like to add additional luggage in the case, it is entirely up to you. However, if you are traveling by air, you should keep an eye on the luggage weight allowance.

Can Starlink Fit In An Overhead Bin?

For standard airlines and planes, the simple answer is no. Starlink travel case is larger than overhead bins on most airplanes. And this is mostly down to its length of 25.5 inches. The other dimensions quite fit nicely into the overhead bin of many airplanes. But because of the enormous length, it’s hard to find standard commercial airplanes that would carry the travel case in their overhead bin.

Like I said, you may be better served to check it in as check-in luggage or obtain special arrangements to carry it in with you on the airplane. However, I don’t think that the latter is worth the hassle.

I mean, if you’re worried about the safety of your Starlink kit, then that is the point of the travel case in the first place. The travel case is hard and designed to protect your Starlink equipment from damage from impact and extreme temperatures. It is completely safe to check it in as luggage rather than bother about ways to carry it as hand luggage.

Starlink Travel Case Dimensions and Specifications

  • Length vs Width vs Height – 25.5″ x 17″ x 13.25″ (inches) or (64.8 x 43.2 x 33.7 cm)
  • Weight – 9.9lbs or 4.5kg
  • Capacity – 10 litres
  • Hard shell case material

This article so far has focused on the standard Starlink travel case. However, there are other Starlink travel cases that are specialized for different uses. For example, there is the Satgear Co V2 – Rolling Starlink Case With Trolley Handle.

This is especially designed to protect the Starlink Roam Satellite Internet system. So if you’re using Starlink Roam, then this product is perfect for you.

It has a vertical storage layout, wheeled with a retractable trolley handle case to securely hold all your Starlink components as well as provide more than enough room for other accessories.

This case, just like the standard Starlink Travel case, has an interior that is designed to ensure that all the components in this travel case stay in place during transport, preventing any damage from impact or vibration. This is why I maintain that you are best served to check in your Starlink travel case rather than try to take it on as a carry-on luggage.

The Satgear travel case is dustproof, shockproof, waterproof, and can withstand extreme temperatures at both ends of the temperature spectrum. As the name suggests, it features a trolley handle, which the standard Starlink travel case does not have.

  • Length vs Width vs Height – 27x21x14.5 Inches
  • Weight – 23lbs
  • 4 latches, 3 carryy handles, 2 wheels, 8 padlock holes

Where Can You Buy Starlink Travel Carry on Case?

You can buy the Starlink travel case on the official Starlink online shop, and on Amazon. Of course, there are other sites that sell this product, and you can go with any of them if you are confident in their authenticity.

I recommend buying directly from Starlink so you can get it at the manufacturer price of $250.

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