Starlink Connected But No Internet? Here’s Why

Starlink Connected But No Internet

There could be a few reasons behind your Starlink saying it is connected but not the internet. There could be a service outage due to your Starlink trying to connect to another satellite.

Have you checked for any damage or any loose wires? This could also be the reason behind your internet problem with your Starlink. Whatever the reason may be there is a fix behind it.

Below I will be going over the most common reasons why your Starlink is saying it is connected but has no internet. I also did a piece on Starlink WiFi Not Showing Up and Starlink Stuck on Searching, which could also be helpful for you.   

Why is Starlink Connected But No Internet?

1. Issues With Network

One of the first things to consider when you are experiencing an issue with no internet on your Starlink but you are connected, it could be a service outage. Like all internet providers, Starlink tries to keep consistent internet connections all the time.

And also like all internet providers things happen where you can not have consistent access to the internet. When this happens, it can be frustrating for those who pay money for good, consistent internet service. Maybe you have an assignment that needs to be done by tomorrow and your internet is not working.

Whatever the reason is when you have a service outage this can be because of a few reasons. Maybe Starlink can not connect to the closest available satellite that is overhead and it is trying to search for another. This can leave you not connected but have no internet. 

Fix – Check/Refresh Network Connection

If your Starlink is saying that it is connected but you have no internet, check and refresh your Starlink network. If this is a service outage this could be due to your Starlink not being able to connect to the nearest satellite above and is searching for another satellite to connect to.

When this is the case the best thing you can do is wait until your Starlink can connect to a satellite, when this happens you should have your internet back working. Note, you can try refreshing your router but if this is a connection to a satellite issue waiting until it connects to another is the best thing to do. 

2. Loose/Damaged Cables

Have you looked at the cables that connect to your Starlink Dish and router recently? Maybe there is a wire that is damaged or loose and this is why you are having internet issues. Even if the cable is bent this can cause damage to the cable.

If the cables are loose this can create issues with your internet as well. Especially if you have had your Starlink for a while but have not checked the cables in a while this can be the reason behind the issue of your Starlink saying you are connected but have no internet. 

Fix – Check the Cables

Look over all the cables that are connected to your Stalink Dish and router to see if they are loose or damaged. If you notice any damage on the cables contact your Starlink Support Team and see what you can do to replace the damaged cables.

If you do not notice any damage to the cables try unplugging the cables and plugging them back in. When you unplug the cables, wait a few minutes before you plug back in the cable to your Stalink Dish and router.

If the reason behind your internet problem is loose cables making sure they are securely plugged in may solve your issue.  

3. Problems With IP Address

Since Starlink features a shared IP address, if the problem is with the IP address the user may have issues with having no internet access to your Starlink. This is common especially if you use an ethernet cable.

If there is a challenge in the IP Address configuration, the ethernet cable you are using will not work. This is an issue most do not think about when experiencing network issues with Starlink but it is a possibility and something to consider.

This is an easy fix that you can do yourself and see if this restores your internet connection on your Starlink. 

Fix – Reset IP Address

Having issues with your internet connection on your Starlink? Do you think it might be an issue with your IP Address? If you are seeing that your Starlink is connected but has no internet and you think the reason behind that is a problem with the IP Address.

The best thing you can do is restart your Starlink router; this will reset your IP Address and hopefully restore the internet. If you do not know how to restart your Starlink router follow these steps. 

  1. Unplug the AC power cord to the router and dish.
  2. Wait till the router turns off. 
  3. Wait a few minutes and plug your power cable back in. 
  4. Your Starlink will restart. 
  5. It takes about 15 minutes for your Starlink to come back online. 

4. Bug/Glitch With Starlink Software

Like all devices your Starlink goes through updates, and like all devices when your Starlink can have bugs. glitches that can cause problems with your Starlink. These problems can even be your Starlink internet not working even though it says you are connected.

Making sure that your Starlink software does not have any corrupt files can keep your Starlink working at an optimal level. If none of the fixes above have brought back your internet, try waiting to see if Starlink will come out with an update.

Since you can not update Starlink yourself if you believe that your Starlink is having internet issues due to a bug/glitch, report the issue.

Calling the Starlink Support Team and reporting the problem can bring attention to the issue and if the problem is on Starlink’s part it can be fixed by sending out an update for your Starlink. 

Fix: Report Issue/Wait For A Software Update

As stated above if you believe that this issue with your Starlink not having internet is due to a bug/glitch within the Starlink software. Since you can not check and do an update yourself, reporting the issue to Starlinks Support Team is the best thing you can do.

Contacting the Starlink Support Team to report the issue about your Starlink being connected but not having no internet, can bring attention to the issue. You might not be the only one dealing with this issue, especially if the problem is a corrupt file within the Starlink software.

The more calls they get on this issue the more likely Starlink will release an update faster. If the issue is because of a bug/glitch and it needs an update to fix the issue, you will have to wait for Starlink to release an update. 

5. Starlink Needs a Factory Reset/Power Cycle

Another thing you can try if your Starlink is saying it is connected but you have no internet is doing a power cycle on your Stalink router. There could be a corrupt file that is causing internet connection issues with your Starlink.

Doing a power cycle on your Starlink router can refresh your router and clear any corrupt files that may be the cause behind this problem. You can also try doing a factory reset if doing a power cycle did not solve the problem.

These are both easy things to do and can clear any problems that are causing this internet issue. 

Fix – Perform a Factory Reset/Power Cycle

Doing a power cycle on your Starlink can clear any corrupt files that are causing your Starlink to say that it is connected but you have no internet. As previously stated doing a power cycle is easy and it is the same as refreshing your Starlink router.

Unplug your AC power cord from your Starlink router and dish, wait a few minutes, and plug the cable back in. This will restart your Starlink router remember that it will take around 15 minutes to get your Starlink back online.

If doing a power cycle does not work, you can also do a factory reset on your Starlink router to see if this can solve the issue. Keep in mind that doing a factory reset will clear any personal data on your Starlink router and will revert it back to when you first purchased your Starlink. Follow these steps to do a factory reset on your Starlink router. 

  1. Find the reset button on your Starlink router, it is usually on the underside. 
  2. Press and hold the reset button for about 5 seconds. 
  3. You will see the router turn off when that happens and release the reset button. This will factory reset your Stalink and you will now have to set your Starlink back up.  

In conclusion, there are a few factors that can cause your Starlink to say it is connected but there is no internet. It could be a service outage and your Starlink could be trying to connect to another satellite.

As stated in this guide it could be anything from loose or damaged wires to even a bug/glitch within the software. At any point, you feel the need to contact the Starlik Support Team to report the issue, who knows it could be a problem that only the Starlink Support Team can solve.

This issue can even be solved through an update that Starlink releases next. Also, consider that your Starlink router could be faulty. This is something that Starlink Support Team can tell you and you may have to replace your Starlink dish or router. 

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