Smart Life Won’t Add My Device? This fix worked!

Smart life won’t add my device

Configuration is completed when the Devices Added Successfully screen displays the list of added devices and their locations

When Configuration has failed a pop error message will materialize saying, “Failed to add device, please retry or check “Help”. You can opt to click “Got It” or “Help” for troubleshooting assistance.

Basic Fix: If the Smart Life app won’t add your device, force close the app and try again. If it doesn’t work, delete and reinstall the app.

Why Won’t Smart Life Add My Device?

If you want to add a device to smart lfe with proper steps, scroll down below.

1. You are using a zigbee device.

Zigbee devices require that you add a gateway first before you add devices

  1. Plug in a gateway and use a networking cable to connect to the router.
  2. Put your mobile phone and gateway under the same network environment.
  3. Click Add Device button on home page of Smart Life app. Click on Gateway Zigbee under Others category
  4. Connect to the gateway. This process takes about two minutes
  5. Select Add Device. Confirm that the indicator for distribution turns green and click “Bind” to successfully add the gateway
  6. Scroll to the gateway page and add sub devices
  7. To effectively add a device hold the reset button for five seconds and confirm indicator rapidly blinking

You can also automatically add devices through the Search Device feature. You must ensure that your smart device is ready for pairing.

When you initiate the Search Device mode various search modes are activated simultaneously, including searching for: Wi- Fi devices found in the network free of distribution, Bluetooth gateway, Bluetooth devices, Zigbee gateway and Zigbee devices under the existing gateway.

2. Prolonged cache clutter on the Smart Life app can lead to errors.

Fix: Clear the app cache on your app and try reconnecting your device.

To clear cache:

  1. open the Smart Life app
  2. tap the “Me/account” icon
  3. Select the top right “Settings” icon
  4. Tap Clear Cache under settings.

If cache clearing does not work out, uninstall and reinstall the Smart Life app from Google PlayStore or AppStore then try connecting your device again.

3. Device Needs to Be Connected to Wifi

Make sure to check that the device is connected to your Wi-Fi network and that the LED indicator shows it

Different devices use varying LED colored lights or combination thereof of colored lights which are either flashing, blinking or solid to indicate or communicate the current status of their Wi-Fi connectivity.

Unless your smart device has Wi-Fi connectivity it cannot be discovered and stored by the Smart Life app. By extension you will not be able to control that device.

4. VPN is Turned On

To allow your mobile device and also your Smart Life app to access devices on your network, you need to disable your VPN.

A Virtual Private Network encrypts your online traffic and routes your internet connection through a secure server to your preferred remote location.

Though this maintains the privacy of your online activity, it takes a long period to encrypt and decrypt your traffic and for your data to make the round trip to the VPN server and back to your device.

Therefore, VPN reduces internet speed because it increases extra steps to your connection by routing your traffic through a VPN server and encrypting it to protect your online privacy.

Fix: However, if you select a premium VPN like NordVPN which is very fast, then you will not normally detect any increased latency.

5. Device Isn’t Compatible with Smart Life App

Ensure that your device is compatible with the Smart Life app and that you have a stable internet connection.

Below are compatible devices that work seamlessly with the Smart Life app. The app is meant to make your home even smarter and more convenient by controlling these smart devices.

Smart Device Type Brand Supplier
Bulbs Accewit, Aerb, AICase, Aigoss, Aigostar, aixi-SHS, AMBOTHER, Antela, ANT LED, Anwio, Aoycocr, Avatar Controls, bakibo, Bawoo, Benexmart, BITIWEND, B.K.Licht, BlumWay, Bomchin, Bomcosy, Boxlood, BrizLabs, ChangM, CROWN LED, Daybetter, Decdeal, Dogain, Enklen, essentials, Extsud, Fitop, FLSNT, Freecube, Fulighture, Gaoducash, Ghome smart, Gosund, Hama, Helloify, idinio, infray, INNOVATE, Jetencn, Jinvoo, Jisusu, Jomarto, Kainsy, Kingso, Klas Remo, KOAANW, KOBWA

Koogeek, Laxihub, Le (Lepro), Linovum, LOFTer, Lohas, LSC Smart, Lumary, Lumiman, Luminea, LVWIT, Lyasi, Mamyok, MANZOKU, Maxcio, Maxsure, Mengzhen, Minoston, MoKo, MustWin, Mycket, Nous, Novostella, Nozdom, OHMAX, Onforu, Orbecco, Owsoo, Peteme, QBOX, Saudio, Sigor, Slitinto, SS Shovan, Tasmor, TECKIN, Treatlife, Unitec, Vitutech, Woox, Yapmor, Yinsan, ZonMar,

Camera Acesee, Antela, Benexmart, Borntechsz, Eversecu, INQMEGA, IOSICAM, Luminea, Luvision, Panamalar, Unitec, wlansmart, Woox
Switches aixi-SHS, Allomn, ANCCY, Antela, Aouvik, AWOW, BeauFlw, Benexmart, BlumWay, BSEED, cDream, Chanpak, Decdeal, Didikit, Digdan, EACHEN, eastiff, eMylo, essentials, Etersky, Eweya, Fornorm, Ghome smart, Gremag, Hama, HBN, Henmi, Himojo, Homecube, INNOVATE, iolloi, Jinvoo, KKcool, KKmoon, KOAANW, KOBWA, Konesky, Koogeek, Laduo, leegoal, Lesim, Lilon, Loratap, Luminea, Mamyok, Meamor, MiMoo, MoesGo, MoKo, OHMAX, Onever, Oppearl, Orbecco, Owfeel, Owsoo, Rodot, Saiham, Sainko, Simbr, Smarthai, Teekar, Teepao, Treatlife, UNEEDE, Waligh, Womdee, XUXN
Plugs Aigoss, AIIAT, AISIRER, Aigital, Airrobo, aixi-SHS, Alfawise, Allomn, ANCCY, ANOOPSYCHE, Antela, Aoycocr, baken, Bawoo, Benexmart, bibikoo, BlitzWolf, Bomcosy, BSEED, cDream, Conpush, Coosa, Duduzui, ECOOLBUY, EFUN, eastiff, Ecoey, eMylo, Enerdock, Esicoo, essentials, Etersky, Extsud, GBLife, Generic, Ghome smart, GoKlug, Goliath, Gosund, Grefic, Hama, Horsky, Houzetek, HSKB, Hyleton 314, infray, INSMART, Jinvoo, Jisusu, Jomarto, JULES V, Kexin, KKmoon, Klas Remo, KOBWA, Koogeek, Laduo, LaHuko, LBell, leegoal, Lefun, Lilon, Lingan, Lohas, Luminea, Maxcio, Minoston, MoesGo, MoKo, Netvip, Nooie, Nozdom

OHMAX, Oluote, OMOTON, Onever, Orbecco, Owfeel, Owsoo, Simbr, Slitinto, Subosi, SunAtom, TECKIN, TedGem, UCOMEN, Unitec, Vansware, wsiiroon, Woox, Womdee, YANKIA, YiYouTech, Yelomin, Yinkuu, Yiroka, Youlala, Zaeel, ZOOZEE

Sensor AIIAT, AISIRER, Aigital, Airrobo, aixi-SHS, Antela, BITIWEND, EACHEN, ECOOLBUY, eastiff, Ecoey, essentials, Gaoducash, Himojo, idinio, Kshzmoto, leegoal, Lilon, Luminea, Luqun, Neo, Owsoo, Panamalar, Samotech, Senckit, Smarthai, Sonew, Towode, Unitec, Yelomin, Youlala
Socket Adapter AICase, KOBWA, lā Vestmon, Walmeck
Vacuum cleaner Airrobo
Thermostat aixi-SHS, AWOW, Cornesty, Focket, Galapara, Geevorks, iolloi, Konesky, MoesGo, Onever, Unitec, Vislone
Outdoor Plugs Konesky, Maxcio, UCOMEN, YoulikeLP
Light strips Aoycocr, Avatar Controls, AWOW, B.K.Licht, Coosa, Daybetter, Etersky, GreenSun, Hama, KNMY, Koogeek, Lomota, Luminea
Lamps Antela, Anten, Benexmart, B.K.Licht, Bomcosy, Briloner, ChangM, Chesbung, Eisaro, essentials, Fscotice, Hama, HBN, HueLiv, hykolity, idinio, JDONG, Kallrra, Le (Lepro), Leoeu. Lohas, Lumary, Luminea, Maxcio, Maxsure, Monococo, Mukuxin, Mulandi, Nicetai, Novostella, Oeegoo, Offdarks, OHMAX, Onever, Oppearl, Poco, Porta, SHILOOK, Subosi, SYLSTAR, Taloya, Tasmor, TECKIN, Torkase, Tronisky, Vecino, Yunlights
Doorbell Coolous, DMNSDD, Linptech, Unitec, Yironka
Feeding Machines Decdeal, Wodondog
Watering System Essentials
Multiple Plugs AOFO, Houzetek, Jinvoo, leegoal, Slitinto, Woox
Dimming switches Allomn, Fornorm, Konesky, Teekar, Treatlife, Womdee
Zigbee gateway Galapara, Gaoducash, KKmoon, Lilon, Owsoo
Bulbs (filament) BrizLabs, LSC Smart, LVWIT, MoKo, Sigor
Remote Control Eweya, MoesGo, Owsoo, Panamalar
Garage opener EACHEN, Teekar
Valve radiator KKmoon
Diffusor GX Diffuser

Now that you know that a Zigbee gateway, overload cache, Wi-Fi connectivity, Virtual Private Networks and smart device compatibility can affect which devices are added to your Smart Life App hopefully you can spot the problem and fix it.

How to Add A Device to Smart Life App

Now that you have a Smart Life Account, you can add a smart device.

  1. Click “Add Device” or the plus sign “+” at the top right corner of the App homepage to enter the “Add Device” page.
  2. There are two ways to add device: Add Manually and Search Device.
  3. The Add Manually has two options for adding devices: Default Mode and AP mode
  4. Click on the top right corner to switch between AP and Default Mode
  5. To Select Default Mode you need to test with a house light controlled by a smart device
  6. To choose “Default mode”, confirm that the indicator light on the smart device is flashing rapidly (blinking twice per second) and then tap the button to proceed to the next step

To set an indicator light to rapid flashing:

  1. Power on Smart device
  2. Power off after 10 seconds and then power on
  3. Turn the light on, off, on, off and on in not very short intervals and then turn on after light is on
  4. Confirm that the light bulb is flashing at least two times a second
  5. If the indicator light is not flashing rapidly, go to “Help” to view the instructions
  6. To select “AP Mode”, verify that the indicator light on the smart device is flashing slowly (blinking once every three seconds)
  7. Click the button to proceed to the next step.
  8. If the indicator light is not flashing slowly, click “Help” to view the instructions.

To set an indicator light to slow flashing

  1. Power on Smart device
  2. Power off after 10 seconds and then power on
  3. Turn the light on, off, on, off and then in medium intervals and then turn on after light is on
  4. Confirm that the light bulb is rapidly flashing at least two times a second
  5. Operate again. Turn on, off, on, off, on until light is flashing slowly.
  6. click confirm button on the page when the indicator light flashes rapidly/slowly will bring up the page.
  7. Choose the Wi-Fi in the location of a device that can enable successful Internet connection
  8. Enter the Wi-Fi password, and click “OK” to proceed to configuration.
  9. If default mode is selected, app configuration will be completed by finding devices, adding them and registering to the smart cloud

For this configuration process to be successful the Smart life urges you make sure your router, mobile and smart device are as close as possible.

  1. Configuration is completed when the Devices Added Successfully screen displays the list of added devices and their locations
  2. When in AP (slow flashing) Mode you can connect the phone’s Wi-Fi to the device hotspot

The connection must be made with the Wi-Fi hotspot whose name begins with “SmartLife”, although some hotspot names may be user-defined.

  1. Next you will go the Smart Life app and add devices manually
  2. The found devices are registered to the smart Cloud

For this configuration process to be successful the Smart life urges you make sure your router, mobile and smart device are as close as possible.

Brady Klinger-Meyers is an experienced writer and marketer with who currently writes for Robodens as well as other popular sites like MakeUseOf and Techzillo. At Robodens, he focuses on general smart home advice with his interest being accessories and gadgets. Read our Editorial Guidelines and Fact Checking process.


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