Smart Life App Not Working with Google Home? this fix worked!

Smart Life App Not Working with Google Home

The Reasons the Smart Life App is Not Working with Google Home

1. You have not registered your your Smart Life App account

Your Smart Life App and Google Home cannot work without registering your Smart Life account

Fix – Register your Smart Life App account

If you do not have an app account, you may choose to register or log in by authentication code.

  1. Click “Register” to go to the Smart Life privacy policy page.
  2. Tap on “Agree” to proceed to the registration page.
  3. The system will identify automatically the country/region you are in, or you may choose to select manually a country/region.
  4. Enter your mobile phone number or email and click “Get authentication code”,
  5. Enter the authentication code you received.
  6. Then enter the password and click “Completed” to complete registration.
  7. If you already have an app account, click “Log in with existing account” to proceed to the login page.
  8. The system will identify automatically the country/region you are in, or you may also choose to select manually a country/region
  9. Enter the mobile phone number or email you have registered and enter the password in to log in

2. You don’t have the basics in account

If you don’t have a Smart life app, Google home, Google Assistant Device, Strong wi-fi network and English device name your Smart Life won’tconnect to Google Home

Fix – Have the basics in place?

Before you connect your Smart Life to Google Home:

  1. Your smart device must be already set up on the Smart Life app
  2. You must have a Google Home account and a Google Assistant-enabled device running on your setup
  3. You must also have a strong Wi-Fi network to access to successfully link the accounts
  4. Your Smart Life device must be named in English or non-unique characters

3. You have not added your Smart Device to Smart Life

Your Smart Life won’t connect to google Home because you have not added your Smart Device to Smart Life.

Fix – Add your Smart Device to Smart Life

Now that you have a Smart Life App account, grant it the required location and Bluetooth permission and then connect your device to a working power outlet and confirm it’s in pairing mode. In pairing mode, the LED indicator light flashes in a particular color.
If the LED isn’t blinking, reset the device to enter pairing mode.

Once the device is ready, here is how to add it to your Smart Life account:

  1. Open the Smart Life App on your mobile
  2. Click the “plus” icon or “Add Device” button to add a new device
  3. Choose the appropriate Device category on the left for example, Lighting.
  4. Select the correct device type based on its features e.g., Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, etc. device.
  5. Connect to 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network and enter the correct password.
  6. Tap Next.
  7. Verify that your device is in pairing mode by Tap the confirm button if your device LED blinks, or follow the in-app instructions to reset the device.
  8. Pick the blinking mode.

The quick flashing lets you to connect in EZ mode without pairing to the device hotspot, unlike the AP mode (slow flashing).

For AP mode:

  1. go to your phone settings
  2. connect to the device hotspot
  3. and return to the Smart Life app.
  4. Connect your Smart device. Let the app find, register, and initialize your smart device.
  5. Name the device. 

Use an English name or typical characters to name your device.

Access the device on the home screen for customization and control. Test that the device responds to the app.

4. You have not linked Have your Smart Life Devices to Google Home?

Your Smart Life won’t connect to google Home because you have not linked Smart Life Devices to Google Home?

Fix – Link your Smart Life Devices to Google Home

You can link your smart life devices to Google home from Google Home by adding the Smart Life partner or through the Smart Life app.

To link Smart Life Devices to Google Home through the Google Home App:

  1. Navigate the Google Home app and log in to your account
  2. Click on the top left “+” icon to add a device
  3. Select the “Set up Device” option
  4. Pick “Works with Google” option
  5. Under home control, input Smart Life on the search bar
  6. Choose the Smart Life icon
  7. Touch “Continue” when Google wakes the Smart Life App
  8. Click on the “Agree and link” button to link your account
  9. Allow Google to discover your Smart Life device
  10. Customize your devices as desired on the Google Home app

To link Smart Life Devices to Google Home through the Smart Life App

  1. Open the Smart Life app
  2. On the bottom menu, choose the “Me” icon to load up your account
  3. Under Third-party services, select the Google Assistant icon
  4. Touch the “Link with Google Assistant” button
  5. Hit “Continue” when Google wakes the smart life app
  6. Tap the “Agree and link” button to link your account
  7. Permit Google to discover your Smart Life device
  8. Once Google discovers them and adds the devices to the Google Home app, add them to the fitting rooms
  9. Try various commands. “Hey Google, turn off/on (device name)” is a simple command to turn on and off your device.

The Smart life google commands vary based on the smart device.

You can log in to the Tuya IoT development platform and try out your compatible commands based on your devices.

Other Fixes

Troubleshoot the Linked Account?

In case of trouble with the linked account, invalidate the Google access to your smart life account.

  1. Login to your Google account
  2. Scroll down to Security
  3. Choose Manage third-party access
  4. Click the connected account (Smart Life)
  5. Tap on Remove Access
  6. Click Ok to confirm.

Troubleshoot a missing smart device list

Do you have multiple smart devices on connected to Google Home on your Smart Life App?

Have you just added a new device but it does not show in Google Home?

Have you mistakenly picked re-link and lost some of your existing device in GH?

Now when you try to re-link Smart Life to Google Home the devices do not show up on the list.

How do you solve a problem where Google Home does not seem to recognize the Smart Life devices?

The device list will show up in GH if you do this:

  1. Check whether your Smart Life/Tuya account is connected with Gome Home?
  2. Try saying “Synchronize my devices” to Google Assistant?

Smart Life App and Google Home won’t link to each other

Have you tried to navigate to Google Home Settings Select the Services and Click on “Works with Google Smart Life’ but it doesn’t show the Smart Life App Devices?

When you try to add it, you have to login to my Smart Life account, do a puzzle and click authorize only for the Smart Life app to tells you that there are no devices.

It keeps giving the same results regardless of whether you start from the Smart Life app or Google Home app.

So, the conclusion is that the Smart Life app is not linked to Google Home and you cannot get it to link.

Some of the solutions to retrieve the Smart Life app devices in is to use Tuya app.

The accounts for both apps are similar and the devices work on both apps.

Tuya is more “corporate” and they work together with Google Home and other Smart home services.

All your devices should now show and can be controlled with the Smart Life app.

Also try uninstalling Smart Life App and reinstalling it.

This soft reboot should work and your devices should still be on display in the app after logging in.

Uninstalling and reinstalling the Smart Life app enables you to link it to Google Home.

Do you have the right login credentials

Was Google Home working well but suddenly stopped recognizing the device linked with Smart Life app?

The rest of devices linked through other apps are working well

Have you tried to unlink and link again both apps and now you can’t link them?

This is the error that appears: 401.

This error means that a client does not have permission to the requested URL.

Because when you try to re-link your account, you have mistakenly entered the wrong logins.

Your Smart Life app is not connecting because you don’t have the right login credentials?

Have the right login credentials

Try to remember the moment when you signed up for Smart Life.

Did you register by email and password, not mobile phone number?

Please ensure you recall the correct login credentials and then relink to Google Home.

Another solution is to:

  1. Log in to your main google account through chrome browser.
  2. Click on Security
  3. and navigate down to the bottom of the page.
  4. You’ll then see “linked accounts”.
  5. Unlink smart life.
  6. Go back to google home and you can now re-link Smart Life App

It will bring up the screen for you to input your login details. This time make sure you enter the email or mobile phone you registered under.

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