Simplisafe Base Station Not Connecting to WiFi? Do This!

Simplisafe Base Station Not Connecting to WiFi

Have you found yourself trying to connect your Simplisafe base station to the internet via Wi-fi countless times and you keep failing at it?

Are you about at your wits end?

Fear not. Here you will learn about the cause of and fixes for a Simplisafe base stations that refuse to link to internet via Wi-Fi connections.

Why is SimpliSafe Base Station Not Connecting to Wi-Fi?

Your Simplisafe base will not show the white light because of locked pre-activation features

The SimpliSafe base station displays colored LED lights to communicate the system’s status:

  1. Red signifies a minor error or a recent alarm.
  2. Blue indicates that the system is armed.
  3. Amber shows an ongoing system update.
  4. White denotes test mode, setting changes, and setup.

You need to test your Simplisafe system before regular use. Is your problem related to the base not showing a white light, or displaying a white light for more than a split second before it turns blue?

In short, your Simplisafe base just won’t show a white light consistently. The light is either blue, off, or flashing red the several times.

How do you address this problem?

Fix 1 – Reset base station

  1. Remove the bottom panel
  2. Take a battery out
  3. Return the battery to the panel
  4. Plug in base station and LED light should turn white

If the first fix does not work and the light turns blue, then maybe the Simplisafe app and not the battery pack is the root cause of the inconsistent white light. Try this second fix.

Fix 2 – Refresh app by logging out of and logging into the Simplisafe mobile app. Note if there is change in the white light.

Fix 3 – If the app is not working, then set the base station up with the keypad.

Fix 4 – If the keypad is not responsive, log into the Simplisafe web app and see if there is change in the white light and read through any online feedback.

The webapp should not be displaying that you have not yet set up your system. If you still see no change keep trying to connect anyway, to Wi-Fi until it works.

If these fixes do not function after several attempts and you find your Simplisafe Base is stuck on a screen that says “finalizing” for a very long time, then it’s time to try a fifth fix.

Fix 5 – Reach out to Simplisafe Customer Service

Now that none of the four fixes above have resolved the white light problem with your Simplisafe base station, you may have to call the customer service for troubleshooting.

Customer care service might inform you that your Simplisafe base is still in “pre-activation” mode and cannot be activated before a certain date. In short, your base is date-locked.

Only customer service can correct this issue. They have the capability to remove pre-activation features including the date lock over the phone and your base station should work well after that.

Pre-activation feature can cause connectivity and functionality problems if you:

  1. are setting your Simplisafe base up on a different email from the one you ordered the system on,
  2. had to get a replacement base station before setting up your system for any reason,
  3. or had a previous return/canceled order with a base station.
  4. Despite pre-activation features being unlocked, the base station is still disconnected from Wi-Fi

Other fixes that could work if you get stuck again are:

  1. Ensuring that your keypad is toggled “OFF” and is disarmed with no light including a red light which either means there was recent alarm or the base is not plugged in.
  2. Logging out of your Simplisafe mobile app
  3. Logging back in
  4. Selecting the “My System Is Already Installed” option
  5. or clicking on “Activate New Service” on the web app

1. Wi-Fi problems

There are some DIY Wi-Fi fixes below that could also resolve the problem of the Simplisafe base station not connecting to Wi-Fi.

  1. Confirm that you are connected to Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi icon on app should be lit up and toggled ON
  2. Check whether your Wi-Fi subscription is paid up as non-payment suspends connectivity.

These external reasons may explain the lack of Wi-Fi connectivity in your Simplisafe Base station.

Base Station is unable to connect to Wi-Fi during initial system setup via app because monitoring system and devices are not yet activated

Are you stuggling to get your Simplisafe app to connect to your Simplisafe Base sation via Wi-fi during the initial setup of the system?

Follow these steps outlined below.

  1. Take out your keypad and press the tab key
  2. Click on Menu option
  3. Scroll the entire setup via keypad until you see the word “OFF” appearing in a circle on your keypad.

You can add sensors and cameras via app later if you want by instructing the keypad that you are done installing when it tells you to add the sensors.

The important action for now is connecting the Wi- Fi and finishing the initial setup.

1. Exit the setup on your app and log out (not close, LOG OUT) of your app.

2. Log back into the Simplisafe app.

You will see one of two options: either OFF/ HOME/AWAY, or “Welcome to Simplisafe”. This means you that got your SimpliSafe system set up and it is monitoring actively now.

3. If it prompts you to “Finish Setup Now” and requests you to put all your base information in again, refresh the system status.

A popup message appears immediately after login and states “Just got your package? Start Setup Now!” and “Already Installed?

You can choose skip the installation process and connect your system to the Simplisafe app by choosing “Already Installed” and finish the setup that way.

To set up any cameras from base station:

  1. Press on the cameras tab
  2. Add Camera and Add the Sensors/devices

To add cameras via keypad

  1. Locate the Menu
  2. Select Devices
  3. Choose Add devices

To add cameras or other devices via app

  1. Go to My System
  2. Click on Device settings
  3. Tap the plus sign in top right

Wi-Fi is not connecting to a brand-new system even though the Bluetooth connection works.

Have you had this kind of trouble as you are setting up your Simplisafe system fresh out the box and connecting it to the Wi-Fi.

When you download the Simplisafe app, plug the base station in and get it connected to Bluetooth on your phone everything works out smoothly.

But, when you go to connect base station to the Wi-Fi it just keeps loading on the app until it finally informs you that the Wi-Fi connection has failed and you need to retry.

Fix 1 – Keep retrying to connect the Wi-Fi until Simplisafe app says “Connected to WiFi”

If the app continues to load and sends you a failure message asking you to retry multiple times switch your tactics.

Fix 2 – Change the base station location to be situated right next to the router or move it to another room of the house you think has a better connectivity

Your mobile phone or Simplisafe app may be the source of poor Wi-Fi connectivity

Fix 1 – Confirm if you have typed in the right Wi-Fi password

Fix 2 – Try resetting your Android or iOS phone

Fix 3 – You could reinstall the Simplisafe app,

Fix 4 – Do the setup from the keypad instead

Contact Simplisafe support for troubleshooting and base station replacement.

Reach out to a Simplisafe technician on phone for troubleshooting. If the system is brand new, call support and they might just send you a new one.

Simplisafe will send you a new base station and keypad to replace the defective one if you are still under warranty. They will advise you to set up the system initially on the Keypad and not operate it from your phone apps yet.

This should resolve your issue as the keypad works better than the app and the Simplisafe Help center are very accommodating.

3. You Could Be Experiencing Router Problems

Have you tried resetting your router?

  1. Check that your router is plugged in.
  2. Locate the reset button inside a tiny hole on the back.
  3. Pop in a paperclip into the hole to press the button for thirty seconds.
  4. Let go of the button, and wait for your router to power back on.

SimpliSafe like many other smart devices will only connect to 2.4GHz Wi-Fi. Your phone could likely be connected to your routers 5GHz signal and the Simplisafe Base station will only work on 2.4GHz

If your router is broadcasting a 2.4GHz signal, connect your phone to that and try again. If it is not, you need to enable the 2.4GHz signal in your router’s settings. For iPhones and android phones use this procedure:

  1. Scroll to the Settings menu
  2. Tap on Wi-Fi
  3. Look at all detectable networks in your area.
  4. Find the SSID for your network, which is either a 2G (2.4) or 5G (5) end notation
  5. Click on the 2G or 2.4 end notation and connect to that network using the Wi-Fi password for your network.

4. Software Bug

There is a software bug that cropped up after swapping the cell module where some Simplisafe Base station users could no longer connect to Wi-Fi.

Fix – To solve this bug:

  1. take out the base station batteries
  2. Plug in base station to the wall.
  3. This would enable Wi-Fi would connect.
  4. Then you can replace the batteries.

5. Your sensor is lacking sensitivity

If you are facing this setback of base station out of the box not accepting Wi-Fi. Then may one of the sensors has poor sensitivity and needs closer proximity to base station, phone app and Wi-Fi router to work.

SimpliSafe sensors malfunction if:

  1. they are still in the box from your order
  2. your device is too far from the base station
  3. or the battery is too low.

Fix 1 – Put base station, phone (iOS), and door sensor in same room as router.

Fix 2 – Take your sensor or base station from the box

Fix 3 – Check the battery percentage levels and change the battery if they are low.

6. You have not activated the remote monitoring service

After you have completed setting up the system up via the keypad, your devices are only connected locally and not to remote monitoring services.

Follow these steps to connect base station to Wi-Fi through keypad.

  1. Find Menu
  2. Input PIN
  3. Scroll down to System Settings
  4. Select Wi-Fi
  5. Go back to the Simplisafe mobile app
  6. Activate the monitoring service.

The monitoring service will request for your person information for example your address, Safe Word, and phone numbers.

To activate the monitoring service in the mobile ap,p select X look on the top right corner and this will lead you to options guiding you on how to a setup your system.

Reset other Simplisafe system hardware and software

You can also refresh all hardware and software that work together form the Simplisafe system such as the keypad, base station and Simplisafe mobile phone application. Reset the base station as outlined in the very first fix.

1. Take the batteries out of the keypad

2. Unplug the base station

3. Log out of the app.

4. Put the battery’s back in

5. Plug in the base station

6. Log back in on the app.

If that does not work, call customer care to troubleshoot and resolve your connectivity problem. They might give you a fix you might not have thought of such as a clerical error e.g., having an incorrect serial number for the base station leading to a lack of Wi-Fi connectivity.

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