Sengled Bulb Keeps Disconnecting? this fix worked!

Sengled Bulb Keeps Disconnecting

Sometimes Sengled bulbs may encounter issues and won’t connect to Wi-Fi. This article highlights common reasons your Sengled bulbs keep getting disconnected and how you can fix the problem.

Why Does My Sengled Bulb Keep Disconnecting?

Reason 1: Poor Wi-Fi signal areas

The most common issue that could cause your Sengled bulbs to lose Wi-Fi connection is the poor Wi-Fi signal in your house. Large home and poor-quality routers are some of the major factors that cause this problem to occur.

If you live in a large house and have a cheap router or don’t have a centralized internet connection, a poor Wi-Fi signal in the areas of your home is inevitable.

Poor Wi-Fi signal is a common problem that you might encounter if you don’t have a reliable and strong internet connection.

A poor Wi-Fi signal causes intermittent connection or no connection in some parts of your house.

A poor signal can occur for several reasons. For instance, old routers normally use less efficient technology and may even develop technical issues, like overheating problems, thus leading to transmission of poor signal strength.

Also, if your router is too far away from your Sengled bulbs, this is likely to cause a weak internet connection. Furthermore, physical obstructions, such as thick walls, furniture, and even doors, can significantly decrease the range of Wi-Fi signals.

How to fix: boost your Wi-Fi connection

  • Ensure physical objects don’t obstruct your router. Ensure your router is in direct line with your Sengled bulbs.
  • Also, ensure to place your router in a central position in your house and off of the floor.
  • Assess if your router needs a software update. An updated and protected router conducts efficient work. Always stay on top of firmware updates.
  • Buy a Wi-Fi booster to improve your home network’s speed and Wi-Fi coverage.

Reason 2: Device interference

Most modern Wi-Fi routers are designed to serve as dual frequency routers, meaning that they use two separate Wi-Fi networks – a 2.4Ghz network and a 5Ghz network.

Sometimes, your router may switch from one Wi-Fi band to another, depending on the network with the strongest signal. The Sengled bulbs only work with the 2.4GHZ network. However, your router may change the Wi-Fi band automatically. When the router switches to the 5GHz band, your Sengled bulbs disconnect.

Also, having too many devices connected to your Wi-Fi network can cause interference to your Sengled bulbs’ connection. Most smart home devices use 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network, just like the Sengled bulbs.

Most homes have several devices connected to your Wi-Fi network before you begin adding the smart Sengled bulbs into the system. Some of these household appliances include smart TV, smartphones, laptops, game consoles, washing machines, ovens, thermostats, freezers, smart doors, and security systems.

This can mean your Wi-Fi network can’t work fast enough because it is overloaded. This would eventually cause your Sengled bulbs to keep disconnecting.

How to fix: reduce gadget interference

  • If your router provides Wi-Fi networks on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands, then ensure that the frequencies use different names. If both modes share the same name, your Sengled bulbs may lose connection if they erroneously connect to the 5 GHz mode.
  • Ensure to set your Sengled bulbs to your router’s 2.4 GHz band only. Follow your router’s manual to understand how to make these settings.
  • Make sure to thoroughly read the bulbs’ connectivity checklist before installing them.
  • Also, it’s advisable to read how to access your router to modify the settings properly.
  • Also, remember to disconnect unnecessary devices connected to your Wi-Fi network.

Reason 3: Outdated Sengled app software

Sometimes, the cause of your Sengled bulbs disconnecting could be due to problems with the Sengled app in your phone.

It might be that you are using an old version of the Sengled app which is no longer compatible with your bulbs.

Sometimes, minor glitch can prevent the app from working. At times, the old app version may contain bugs/ errors, leading to malfunctioning of the Sengled bulbs in your house.

How to fix: update the Sengled app

  1. First, clear the app cache. Go to the Google Play Store on your smartphone or go to the App Store on your IPhone. Check the app if any updates are available.
  2. Update the app to optimize the program and allow it to work seamlessly with your device.

Reason 4: Outdated device firmware

Your Sengled bulb may keep losing connection from your Wi-Fi due to the outdated bulb’s firmware version.

The manufacturer often updates the software on their Sengled bulbs. Firmware updates help to get rid of security flaws and make the Sengled bulbs function properly.

Though Sengled bulbs often update their software automatically, sometimes the update may fail because of an error. If you don’t update the firmware, it can cause your Sengled bulbs to disconnect.

How to fix: update Sengled bulb’s firmware

You don’t have to wait for the Sengled bulbs to update their firmware automatically. So, you need to check and update your bulb’s software manually.

  1. On your smartphone, open the Sengled app.
  2. At the bottom of the page, click on the Settings tab. After that, click on the Firmware Update. Your Sengled bulb should connect after updating its software.

Reason 5: Power outage problems

If your Sengled bulbs lose connection, another major cause could be power outages.

Power outage normally triggers Wi-Fi networks to stop working, and your Sengled bulbs would experience issues.

Wireless internet access relies on devices that require power, such as Wi-Fi routers and power outlets in your home.

When the power goes off, these devices stop functioning, which means you’ll lose your connection.

Of course, loss of power at some point is inevitable. Heat, weather, and even accidents like falling trees can occur, causing an expected power outages and loss of internet access.

How to fix: wait for power to resume

  • Wait for the power to come back. There is nothing you can do whenever there is a power outage.
  • Periodically look at the power provider’s Facebook page, Twitter feed, or the Network Status page on their website to know planned power outages in your local area.
  • If the power resumes, but your Wi-Fi connection still isn’t functioning, one of the most common problems is the Wi-Fi router.
  • So you need to “reboot” the router by simply unplugging the power cable from the wall for about 30 seconds, then plug it back in.

Reason 6: Hardware issues on your Sengled bulb

Another issue that might cause your Sengled bulb to keep disconnecting is if the hardware on the device is damaged.

If you’ve been using your Sengled bulbs for some time, it is likely that the connection of the device has become loose.

Some other damage within the bulb’s hardware components could also prevent the device from connecting correctly.

The bulb’s LEDs produce different colors, depending on your preference. The circuit board is the engine of the bulb’s operation. The Wi-Fi module enables the bulb to communicate and connect with your home Wi-Fi network.

The power supply is what delivers power once you plug in Sengled bulbs. Over time, these components may tear and wear out or get damaged.

How to fix: contact the manufacturer

To fix a faulty Sengled bulb, you simply need to replace it with a new one.

If you’re completely certain that the bulb is defective, that’s causing the connection problem. The first thing to do is to check that it’s the bulb which is faulty.

  1. To check, try using a different bulb in the same holder and test if it is working on the same socket.
  2. Once you’re sure that the bulb is defective, you need to contact the manufacturer to get a new replacement.

My Final Thoughts

Sengled bulbs are a great accessory to have in your home. The bulbs help you save on electricity bills and control the smart Sengled lights at your fingertips through your phone even if you are on the side of the town.

But, sometimes, Sengled bulbs may get disconnected. The troubleshooting tips explained above can help you resolve the disconnection problem facing your Sengled smart bulbs.

If none of these solutions fix the connectivity issue in your Sengled bulbs, it means the device could be defective. So you’ll need to contact Sengled Support for further assistance.

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