Schlage Lock Unlocks Without Code? this fix worked!

Schlage Lock Unlocks Without Code

You must know what to do if the Schlage lock unlocks without the code. This is undoubtedly an error that you need to fix immediately. There are several reasons why this error may happen. In this article, I explore some of the reasons why your lock may misbehave. Find out how you can still get the most out of your Schlage lock and rectify the issue.

The most common reason this lock unlocks itself is because you have set it to unlock and are unaware of it. You need to be familiar with potential reasons for this and work on finding fixes.

Why Does My Schlage Lock Unlock Without the Code?

Wrong Thumb Turn Setting

Depending on the model of the lock, you may own one that comes with a relock and unlocked setting. For this, each time you set the lock to unlock, you only need to push the button, and it will unlock. You do not need a user code for this.

On the other hand, setting it to relock will return the lock to its normal state. When this happens, you need a user code to unlock it. Therefore, if your lock gets unlocked without this code, it will likely be in unlocked mode.

Fix – Check that the Setting is Right

  1. Confirm that the inside thumb turn of the lock is either turned in a horizontal or vertical position. The vertical position signifies that your lock has been set to unlock. The horizontal position, on the other hand, means it has been set to relock. Depending on the position of the lock, simply twist the thumb to turn to the horizontal position to fix the ‘unlock without code’ error.
  2. Try other solutions if this does not change the status of the error.

2. Batteries are Low

Low batteries may also cause the Schlage lock to bring up the unlock without a code error. It’s even more severe if you use the wrong batteries, in this case, lithium batteries. These batteries cause the lock to act strangely. It happens more often when batteries are running low.

Fix – Change the Batteries

  1. When the batteries in your lock are low, your first step should be to change them in case resetting the position. If the lock does not fix the error, consider replacing the lithium batteries with new ones. You must go for alkaline batteries, as lithium batteries are not the best for Schlage locks.
  2. Once you have changed the batteries with an appropriate set, lock the doors and test to see if the lock works.

Carry Out a Reset of the Lock

Besides the apparent causes of wrong thumb turn position and batteries running low, the overall setting of the lock may be an issue. In case of an incorrect setting, the only solution would be to reset the lock. If you do it right, you won’t have to worry about minor glitches, as they tend to reset themselves automatically.

Resetting the lock is straightforward. It works for all the lock models. Note that resetting will change the programming as it erases everything that was there previously. Make sure to program the lock again. A default programming code is the best way to do it since you must re-program after resetting the lock.

This means that you have first to find a default programming code. Check your user manual on the first page for this. The code is highlighted as it comes in yellow or white print. You must remove the lock from the door to locate the code if it is not present. It is printed in the same colors at the back of the keypad assembly.

Once you find it, take a 6-digit code and write down the programming code. Place the lock back on the door. You will discover that the note also comes with two default user codes, so you must be careful to get the correct code.

Note that resetting the lock will restore the two default settings you previously deleted. You must delete them again to avoid any confusion. To do this, you need to enter the programming code and wait for the button to flash three orange lights and three beeps before pressing the button.

Next, you must press the 6th key and wait for the lights and beeps. Complete the process by entering the programming code again, automatically leading to the deletion of the two default user codes. Make sure to complete all of these steps.

After you delete the default user codes, it is only reasonable to set another one in case you need to unlock the lock via the keypad. Like all the other steps, you must start by entering the programming code and waiting for the color and beeps before pressing the lock button. This time, you need to press the 1st key and wait for the same orange light and three beeps to go.

You then need to enter a new user code, a 4-digit code. As usual, you will then wait for the three orange lights and three beeps. You will then re-enter the code, and if the color turns green, followed by a single long beep, you have successfully changed the user code.

Fix – Reset the Lock Afresh

  1. You first need to remove the lock’s battery cover before disconnecting them.
  2. Press and release the outside schlage lock button
  3. You should then reconnect the battery after a few seconds. Next, you need to press and hold the same outside button you pressed earlier and ensure it turns green. A long beep will follow it. Just be sure this last step is at most ten seconds before completing.

Improper Installation

All your attempts above may still fail to correct the error, but you shouldn’t give up. The cause may be an improper installation. To fix this, you first need to uninstall and then install again. Ensure everything is in the correct position when installing a second time.

Fix – Uninstall, then Install Again.

  1. Start by uninstalling the lock that seems to be problematic
  2. Install the lock again, ensuring the bolt and cam are in the correct position.
  3. Ensure to follow the door’s handling since this differs from one door to the next. Consider whether it is right-hand or left-hand use.
  4. Follow the specific installation guide that your Schlage lock model needs. Different lock models work differently.

Lost Programming Code

This is probably the biggest reason why all other methods fail, no matter how much you try. If all your attempts to fix the unlock error keep recurring, it could be a programming code concern. Several things need to happen if this is your suspicion. First, you must locate the default programming code. This can be found in the user manual of the lock’s keypad assembly.

Once this is found, restore the factory setting on the lock. This means overriding the programming code that was lost.

Fix – Change the Programming Code

  1. Go to the lock’s keypad and key in the lock’s programming default code. Wait for the locate to illuminate three orange lights, followed by three beep sounds. Follow this by pressing the Schlage button.
  2. Press the key 3, wait for the button to beep three times, and illuminate orange thrice.
  3. Key in the new 6-digit programming code and wait for the orange illumination and three beeps.
  4. Once the three orange lights go off and the three beeps also sound, re-enter the programming code once more. To ensure the change was successfully done, you should watch out for the button light to change to green. This should then be followed up by one long beep, which marks a successful code change. At this point, the error should be fixed, and the lock back to normal.

A Schlage lock is undoubtedly an excellent investment for every homeowner who needs to beef up security, especially around the doors. The most significant advantage is the flexibility of controlling and monitoring who and what goes into the building through the doors.

However, these locks can be hard to handle, mainly when an unlocking code exists. To continue enjoying convenience, figure out what could trigger such an error and understand how to fix it correctly.

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