Schlage Keypad Lock Keeps Spinning? [*Guaranteed Fixes]

Schlage Keypad Lock Keeps Spinning?

If you are having issues with your Schlage keypad lock keeps spinning, this can be a security problem since this can cause a lockout.

If you have had your Schlage lock for some time it can have wear and tear on the lock, and if you have not changed the batteries in a while the issue could lie there.

Fixing this issue is a top priority since you want to be able to lock up your home or business. In this article, i will be providing you with exhaustive solutions for the issue of your Schlage lock spinning.

Why Does My Schlage Lock Keep Spinning?

When your Schlage lock keeps spinning it can be annoying as well as a security concern, when you are heading out, you want to make sure your front door lock is working.

Before replacing the Schlage lock there could be a reason why the smart lock keeps spinning, easy fixes that can get your Schlage lock working once more.

It could be the battery or needing to clean, or reset whatever it is read below to find solutions on why your Schlage lock keeps spinning.

Note: If you’re unable to unlock your Schlage lock because of the spinning issue, I’ve written an article on this with exhaustive solutions that should get it to unlock.

1. Check Your Schlage Lock Batteries

Like any mechanical device, the Schlage lock needs batteries to function, if you are having issues if your Schlage keypad lock keeps spinning, checking the batteries should be the first thing you do.

With most issues concerning the Schlage lock, the batteries are usually the cause of the problem. When you have dead, faulty, or even low-quality batteries in your Schlage lock this can cause some issues to develop that will seem like your lock is broken.

The Schlage lock will flash red lights when the batteries are low, but even when you do not see these lights and your lock keeps spinning check the batteries.

Even if you have recently changed the batteries, check them anyway. If you grabbed any batteries you found around the house they may be low quality, which can cause your Schlage lock to malfunction.

Fix – Replace Your Schlage Lock Batteries

Before you put the batteries in your Schlage lock check to see if they are the right batteries, and that they are new batteries. Buying new batteries is the best way to make sure the lock is working properly by ensuring it has full power.

When you are replacing the batteries on your Schlage lock replace all of the batteries, not just one or two, this can still lead to issues if your Schlage lock is working on low power.

The Schlage Sense, Schlage Connect, and Schlage Encode takes 4 AA batteries, the Schlage Keypads with Built-in Alarms takes 2 AA batteries, and the FE575, FE695, FE595, BE365, BE367, BE369, and BE375 take a 9-Volt battery that is connected to a wire.

Here are the AA batteries (view on Amazon) that I personally use for my lock.

Schlage makes it easy for you to replace the batteries with these simple steps.

1. Most Schlage locks have a black battery cover that you can take off easily, if it has screws then you will have to take out the screws to remove the cover.

2. If your Schlage lock takes AA batteries then remove those batteries. If your Schlage lock takes a 9-Volt battery then take off the wire that is easy to take off. Once the wire is disconnected then remove the batter.

3. Check over the old battery to see if there is any corrosion or damage. See if they are expired, you never know how out-of-date batteries can be.

4. Put the new batteries in, if they are AA then make sure you are putting them in the right direction. If the Schlage lock takes a 9-Volt battery before putting the new battery in make sure the wire is connected to the battery correctly.

5. When the new batteries are in your Schlage lock, test the lock first before putting the cover back on. This can give you a chance to see if your lock stops spinning.

If your lock is still not working after you changed the battery, read this article Schlage Lock Not Working After Battery Change, this guide will help you with that issue.

2. See If Your Schlage Lock Needs A Reset

If you have a Schlage lock that keeps spinning this is an issue that needs to be fixed right away. You need to be able to lock your home or business, this can be a simple battery issue.

However; if you already checked the batteries and replaced them with new batteries then your Schlage lock may need to be restored to the default settings.

This could be a glitch in your Schlage lock that is causing this technical issue, resetting your Schlage lock can be the fix you need to get it working again.

When you do a reset you will need the user and default programming codes, you will see this either in the lock itself or the manual you got when you purchased the Schlage lock.

When you reset your Schlage lock remember that this will reset it to factory settings, clearing your passcode. You can either use the old passcodes once more or create a new one.

Fix – Reset Your Schlage Lock

Resetting your Schlage lock is thankfully easy, make sure you have the user and programming code before you decide to reset your smart lock. Here are the steps on how to reset your Schlage Lock.

1. The first step you will need to do is take off your battery cover.

2. The second step after you take off the battery cover is to remove the wire from the 9-Volt battery or from the tray.

3. Once the wire is disconnected, press the Schlage button once.

4. When you press the Schlage button one time you will want to reconnect the wire to the battery or the tray.

5. When the battery wire is reconnected hole the Schlage button for a few seconds until you hear a beep and lights up green.

6. Use the programming user default code to unlock the Schlage lock after resetting.

7. Change your keypad code once your Schlage lock is reset, you can change your programming code to prevent anyone from resetting your lock with the old code.

3. Was Your Schlage Lock Installed Correctly?

When you have replaced the batteries with new ones, and did a full reset on your Schlage lock it could be that when your Schlage lock was installed it was installed wrong.

Before you go ahead to replace the lock take a look at the Schlage lock and see if there is anything visible wrong with the smart lock. This can save you from buying a whole new lock and spending money you do not need to spend.

Fix – Check The Installation

When you look over your Schlage lock here are a few ways you can see if your smart lock was installed correctly.

1. Consult the manual, especially if your Schlage lock was recently installed.

  1. By using a key or the inside turn knob you can check to see if the Schlage lock latch is aligned.
  1. Check to see if the wires are connected by taking off the inside cover.
  1. Check the outside of the lock to see if there is any damage, by checking the lock, turn knobs, keypad, whatever is visible check it for damage.

4. Internal Hardware Needs to Be Clean

If you are not comfortable around locks and Schlage lock hardware you might want to contact Schlage Support before you decide to repair or clean the lock yourself.

There are a couple of common issues the Schlage lock tends to have. The spring-loaded pin can get loose and in some cases fall out of place.

It could also be that the spring that is attached to the plastic plunger needs to be adjusted due to it getting elongated somehow. If you feel confident enough these are issues that you can fix yourself.

If you are going to do the maintenance yourself you should also clean your Schlage lock, if you have had this lock for a while there could be dirt and dust that has built up over time.

Fix – Clean the Schlage Lock

Here are steps on how to clean your Schlage lock without damaging your smart lock.

  1. Lubricate the lock and the Schlage lock assembly.
  2. With a clean cloth wipe down to parts you are able to safely remove and clean the keypad.
  3. If you are wanting to clean the in-between areas use a low-pressure compressed air.

5. Replace Schlage Lock Or Contact Support

If you have checked the batteries, did a reset, checked for damage, and cleaned your Schlage lock and it still is spinning, it’s time to either replace your Schlage lock.

I personally use the Schlage Encode, which I picked up from Amazon.

Or contact Schlage Support.

Note: Only pick up a new Schlage lock if you’re convinced the one you currently have has too many issues. There’s no point in picking up a new lock if the problem with your current lock can easily be fixed.

You can see if your warranty can get you a replacement when you contact the customer service team. If you want to contact a Locksmith you can do that as well but also consider how high-tech your Schlage lock is and if you want to spend the money on having a Locksmith fix it or use the money and replace it all together knowing you will get a brand new product.

Overall there are a few ways you can go about trying to fix your Schlage lock when you have noticed it keeps spinning. It could be anything from needing new batteries to a glitch that needed to be reset.

It could even be a loose spring that needed to be adjusted or your Schlage lock needed to be cleaned.

Whatever the issue is, if these fixes did not help then contacting the Schlage Support team is the best way to go instead of contacting a Locksmith. Who knows you could get the old lock replaced with a new one using your warranty.

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