Schlage Keypad Lock Is Not Locking From Outside? Do This!

Schlage Keypad Lock Is Not Locking From Outside

It can be frustrating when your Schlage keypad lock fails to function properly, especially if it leaves you unable to unlock or lock the door.

Schlage keypad lock offers a convenient and secure way you can access your business or home without traditional keys.

However, just like any other technology, your Schlage keypad can sometimes encounter problems that can cause the lock to not work.

When your Schlage lock isn’t functioning, you need to identify and fix the problem.

Before calling a technician, you can try some troubleshooting solutions to try to resolve the issue.

This article discusses common reasons your Schlage keypad lock is not working and potential tips you can use to resolve the issue.

Why Schlage Keypad Lock Is Not Locking From Outside?

Reason 1: Batteries issues

If your Schlage keypad lock is not working properly, batteries are the first thing you need to check.

Schlage keypad locks normally use batteries to operate.

However, dead batteries or low battery power can cause your Schlage lock to malfunction.

Whenever the batteries run low, you’ll experience issues while using the keypad to enter your access code.

Schlage locks normally give a low battery warning. However, in certain cases, it may not give you any warning.

The battery life depends on the usage and type of batteries. Normally, an electronic Schlage lock that uses replaceable alkaline batteries can last many months to a year. Likewise, a smart Schlage lock comes with a built-in rechargeable battery that can last several months to a year or more.

How to fix: Replace batteries

  • If you haven’t changed the batteries recently, consider replacing them.
  • Ensure to choose the right batteries for your Schlage lock.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when replacing the batteries in your lock.
  • Once you’ve replaced the batteries, enter your access code on the keypad to see if the lock is working.

Reason 2: Incorrect code

The second common reason your look may stop working is entering an incorrect programming code.

If your Schlage keypad lock isn’t closing or opening your door, the problem may be due to entering an incorrect user code.

While this is rarely the real reason your Schlage keypad lock fails to unlock or lock, many users tend to enter inaccurate user codes.

How to fix: Entry correct codes

  • Before saying that your Schlage lock is not working, double-check that you have the correct user code entered into the keypad.
  • Ensure you’re pressing the buttons accurately and firmly.
  • Ensure you know how to lock and unlock your Schlage keypad lock via the keypad and follow the procedure correctly.
  • If you suspect that some keys are not working, test each key to see if the issue is limited to certain keys.
  • Assess the keypad for any indications of physical damage. If keys are stuck or if there are symptoms of visible damage, contact a professional to replace and repair the lock.

Reason 3: Connectivity issues

Some Schlage locks are designed to work with remote access apps or smart home systems.

These are popularly known as Schlage smart locks, which can connect and communicate with smartphones, the Wi-Fi network, and other electronic gadgets in your house.

A Schlage smart lock can let you access your door using your smartphone app.

However, if there are connectivity problems between the lock and the app, the Schlage lock may not function properly.

Sometimes, weak Wi-Fi signal strength or incorrect network settings can cause connectivity issues. As a result, smart lock models may not work as expected and, therefore, fail to lock or unlock your door.

How to fix: Troubleshoot connectivity

  • Check the system settings and ensure the lock is correctly connected to the app.
  • Diagnose the Wi-Fi signal strength. Stand near the lock with your smartphone and check the Wi-Fi signal.
  • If the Wi-Fi is weak, try restarting your router by unplugging it. Wait for 30 seconds and plug it back.
  • If the problem still persists, consider clearing objects that might be blocking the signal.
  • Alternatively, you can buy Wi-Fi extenders to boost the signal.
  • However, recall that the Schlage smart lock only functions with a 2.4 GHz network. So, ensure to connect it to the correct Wi-Fi band.
  • Also, ensure to use the correct password when connecting the smart lock to your Wi-Fi.

Reason 4: Outdated software

Some keypad door locks require periodic software or firmware updates to work properly.

Firmware issues can disrupt the way your Schlage lock functions.

These issues involve problems with the lock’s software, a software update getting an error, or problems with the mobile app that controls your lock.

Other firmware issues that you may also encounter include your Schlage lock giving some errors or problems operating your smart lock.

Software updates can often address bugs or problems facing your lock’s operation.

How to fix: update software

  • To make sure your lock functions smoothly, regularly check for software updates and fix any issues that arise as soon as possible.
  • If your locks get software updates, check for any available updates and install them if available.
  • Consult the manufacturer’s instructions for information regarding updating your lock model.

Reason 5: Programming errors

Improper programming configurations could also cause your lock to malfunction.

If your Schlage lock is not programmed correctly, it won’t function as expected.

This could cause issues such as temporary access codes, limited remote monitoring, or other issues.

The configurations on the locks are normally complex and differ from device to device. So, you will often encounter programming issues when the lock is not taking any commands from the new users.

How to fix: Reset the lock

  • The best way you can address this condition is to factory reset your keypad locks without using any programming code.
  • Factory resetting will eliminate all minor programming issues and all your existing user codes. The reset will also delete current programming codes.
  • After resetting, you can add the configurations for best performance.

Reason 6: Mechanical failure

Over time, your Schlage lock is prone to wear and tear.

Also, if your lock is heavily used or old, it may experience mechanical failures.

Various factors like damaged locking mechanisms, worn tumblers or pins, or broken springs can cause mechanical failure.

Physical damage to other components of the lock and the inner workings can also cause the lock not to function properly. This can be due to exposure to harsh weather conditions, wear and tear over time, and other factors.

How to fix: Repair the lock hardware

  • If your lock appears physically damaged, contact a professional locksmith to repair it.
  • A certified locksmith can help repair the damage, as well as replace and fix the affected components.

Reason 7: Faulty wiring

Another reason your Schlage keypad lock may fail to lock or unlock from outside is due to faulty wiring, particularly if it’s an electric model.

For an electronic Schlage lock to work, a power source is essential. In case the wiring connecting the lock to the power source is faulty, the lock may not get sufficient power to operate effectively.

Faulty wiring can occur due to various factors, such as damage from pests, exposure to extreme temperatures, improper installation, and other factors.

How to fix: Replace faulty wires

  • Consult the manufacturer’s instructions to fix the faulty wiring causing your Schlage lock to malfunction.
  • Contact a certified locksmith to diagnose, replace, and repair the wiring problem.

Reason 8: Misaligned strike plate

The strike plate is a metallic plate that holds the bolt securely in the doorframe when the lock is engaged.

If the strike plate is not properly aligned, the lock bolt could be unable to engage with the strike plate, thus making locking or unlocking the door impossible or difficult.

Misaligned strike plates can happen because of various reasons, like general wear and tear, loose screws or improper installation.

How to fix: Replace old strike plate

  • If you suspect that a misaligned strike plate is causing your Schlage lock not to function, disconnect and adjust the position of the strike plate to align it with the lock bolt properly.
  • If the strike plate is too worn out or damaged to work properly, contact a professional to replace it entirely.

Reason 9: Contact customer support

If you are unable to troubleshoot the problem facing your Schlage keypad lock, it’s time to call your lock’s manufacturer.

How to fix: Reach out to customer care

  • Before going for professional assistance for your malfunctioning Schlage lock, contact the product’s manufacturer.
  • Depending on the warranty status of your lock, you might be eligible for a replacement.
  • Alternatively, the manufacturer may send a technician out to repair your Schlage lock’s malfunctioning issue.
  • If your warranty is no longer valid, the manufacturer may assist you through a phone call conversation.
  • Other users may have encountered a similar issue before. This means the manufacturer’s representative can give you advice specific to your lock’s model and brand.
  • If you cannot to get help from the manufacturer, it’s time to contact a technician for professional assistance.

My Final Thoughts

Schlage keypad lock is designed to provide you with greater convenience and security.

You can keep your Schlage lock in good working condition by conducting routine troubleshooting and maintenance.

However, your Schlage keypad lock may refuse to unlock or lock due to various reasons.

So, ensure to try the different troubleshooting solutions to see which one resolves the problem.

If you see the simple DIY fixes don’t address the issue, contact the customer support representatives for further help.

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