Ring Doorbell Not Ringing Inside? this fix worked!

Ring Doorbell Not Ringing Inside

Your ring doorbell might not ring inside, causing communication issues.

It might fail to ring because of many reasons including cold weather, wiring problems, poor installation, battery issues, and wear and tear,

Fortunately, there are simple repairs that you can perform to restore the ring doorbell to its normal function.

This article discusses the reasons why your ring doorbell is not ringing inside and the potential fixes.

Why is My Ring Doorbell Not Ringing Inside?

Wrong Installation

How you install your ring doorbell determines its ability to ring inside or not. One of the most common installation mistakes is incorrect wiring. If you do not properly connect the wires to the ring door, it won’t receive the necessary power to function.

Besides the physical installation, the issue may also lie with the app configuration settings. One wrong configuration needs to be clarified for your entire ring doorbell, and it fails to send alerts and notifications to your devices. This way, your ring doorbell fails to ring inside.

Fix – Re-Install Using the Right Procedure

Get hold of the setup diagram and make sure you will connect it in the right manner. Ensure that you securely attach the wires to the appropriate terminals on the Ring Doorbell.

Note that the ring doorbell has two terminals: a “Transformer” terminal (TR) and a “Front” terminal (FR). You need to connect the wire from your power source to the terminal on your ring door. This is the thicker wire that carries low-voltage power.

Next, connect the wire coming from your front doorbell button (thinner wire) to the “Front” terminal on the Ring Doorbell. This connection will give you a working doorbell from the inside.

If the issue comes from configuration settings, you need to purchase a ring chime (view on Amazon)/ ring chime pro and configure its settings. On your phone in the app, navigate to devices, select your ring chime/ chime pro and set your chime preferences. You can include your favorite sound you would want to hear from your doorbell ring.

Wi-Fi Connection Problems

First off, you should know that your ring doorbell relies on Wi-Fi connectivity for effective functioning. The quality of your Wi-Fi affects how your doorbell rings, and if it is low or unstable, the ring doorbell won’t ring from the inside.

In case it rings, it happens after delayed notifications and low-quality video streaming from the ring doorbell. That is videos that take time to load or pixelated ones, making it difficult for you to see clearly who’s at the door.

Fix – Install a Strong and Stable Wi-Fi Connection

Ensure that you have a strong Wi-Fi connection that has great speed and less downtime. For a stronger connection, place your router in a central location away from obstructions.

If need be, use Wi-Fi extenders or a mesh network to enhance coverage of your doorbell’s location. You can also adjust your router settings and prioritize the Ring doorbell’s connection if your router has Quality of Service settings.

Also, confirm that your Wi-Fi settings correspond to your doorbell Wi-Fi settings. That is, ensure that you connect your doorbell to the same Wi-Fi as your phone.

Poor Power Supply

Your ring doorbell needs a stable power supply for proper functioning. If you do not have power or a backup generator, then you will have no notifications as well as a Wi-Fi connection. In some cases, you might have power, but the voltage it supplies to the ring doorbell fluctuates below the level, thanks to wiring or transformer issues.

Fix – Get an Electrician

If you suspect a transformer or wiring issue, you need to hire a licensed electrician to inspect and rectify the electrical system. Allow them to replace the transformer if necessary and ensure that they correctly redo the wiring until your doorbell receives the required power.

If you live in an area that experiences frequent power outages, consider purchasing a generator that automatically runs ON when your power goes OFF. This way, you will have a functional ring doorbell 24/7.

Faulty Doorbell Battery

Sometimes, your ring doorbell may fail to ring inside because its battery is not charging or it is charging but indicating the wrong battery level in the app. This can be confusing when you are trying to figure out where the problem lies between the doorbell and the app.

In another scenario, the battery units might have died, and your ring doorbell fails to send signals to the chime units.

Fix- Update the Door App and Replace Faulty Batteries

Suppose you find out that the battery is not charging; close and restart the app to correct any problem with the data. Update it until it reflects the correct battery level. Afterwards, try ringing the doorbell several times before closing the ring app.

To confirm if the battery level reads correctly, tap the 3 lines on the dashboard screen (top-left corner). Tap devices, choose your doorbell, and then tap device health, which shows the percentage of your battery level.

When the ring doorbell battery runs out of charge, remove it from the applicable units and start charging it in the charger. If you have a backup battery pack, you can put it back on the ring doorbell so it can continue working.

If your ring comes with an unremovable battery, charge it using a USB if it has a USB port near the rear plate. Let it charge for a while, and later check its power on the ring app labelled “Device Health.”

If the battery is completely worn out, consider buying a new one for replacement.

Faulty Doorbell Button

Sometimes, your ring doorbell can suddenly stop working because of corrosion, damage, or even wear and tear.

The failure might arise due to a faulty button that does not make contact when pressed. Normally, the button should complete an electrical circuit that signals your ring doorbell to send a notification or initiate a chime to your devices.

Fix – Replace the Button

Disconnect the wires from the doorbell button and try to touch them together. If your doorbell rings, then it confirms you have a faulty button, and you need to replace it with a new one. If it doesn’t, then the wiring or doorbell itself is the problem, and you need to call an electrician to fix it.

Adverse Weather Conditions (Cold)

Do you know that your ring doorbells operate under a lithium-ion battery that struggles to keep charge in harsh weather? In extremely low temperatures, the bell can stop working completely or need frequent charging since it loses charge very fast.

Fix – Replace or Warm the Batteries

Remove the battery from the ring doorbell and keep it in a warm place for a while. If it has drained, you can charge it and let it warm up for it to start again. Note that even if you fully charge the battery, it will not work as effectively as in normal weather conditions.

If the doorbell still doesn’t work after charging the battery, leave it for a while because it’s designed that way to protect the doorbell. In this case, try keeping the ring doorbell at room temperature. You can also place it in a protective overhang to keep off water and snow.

Software Update

A software update could lead to the doorbell failure to ring inside the house. This happens upon the release of a software update that introduces changes in the OS or communication protocols.

If you do not sync the internal software of your ring doorbell, chime and app, it may lead to compatibility issues. In this case, your doorbell may send signals to the chime, yet the chime may fail to interpret correctly.

Moreover, sometimes, the software updates introduce bugs or glitches that interfere with the normal ring doorbell functions. This issue affects your doorbell’s ability to communicate with the chime/app, and when someone presses the doorbell, it does not ring the inside.

Note that your ring doorbell settings automatically change with software updates. As a result, the notifications go silent. Worse off, your doorbell can even fail to connect to your Wi-Fi or the cloud service, failing to send alerts to the chime.

Fix – Update Software

First off, you need to upgrade your ring doorbell to the latest ring app and ensure it’s running on the newest firmware. This will eliminate the possibility of issues arising from outdated software.

As the software changes take effect, ensure that the firm updates on both the Ring doorbell and the associated chime have a similar connection to the same network. Review the notification settings and troubleshoot potential compatibility problems.

If the software problems persist, reach out to a contact ring customer support for further assistance.

Like any mechanical home equipment or appliance, the ring doorbell is bound to breakdown at some point. When it does, you can repair broken parts, replace batteries, update software or replace damaged components.

Whatever the case, there are fixes that you can implement to restore the ring doorbell to its optimum function. This article has shed light on some of these fixes.

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