Meross Smart Plug Not Connecting to Wi-Fi? Try These Fixes

Meross Smart Plug Not Connecting to Wi-Fi

So, you’re trying to connect your Meross smart plug to the internet, and for some reason its not connecting meaning your Meross smart plug doesn’t have internet which means it doesn’t work.

It’s a weird one because you’ve done everything right in terms of steps. You’ve used the right wifi password. No, it’s unlikely your smart plug is broken. This means the issue is likely with your router.

If that has you scratching your head and asking how can you have done all the steps right  but have no access to the internet–you aren’t alone. Here, you can clear the air on this issue, single it out, fix it, and get you back to keeping your home automated.

Why Won’t My Meross Smart Plug Connect to WiFi?

The causes of your meross smart plug not connecting to wifi can vary from user to user. So, this error has to be treated on a case-by-case basis. Outlined below are the known, possible causes of the error:

1. Your WIFI Router Isn’t Connected to the Internet

Your internet service provider, ISP, provides your WIFI with connection to the internet. Sometimes, your ISP may be experiencing technical faults that cut off the connection in your area.

Or, the issue may just be from a glitch in your router which makes it to lose internet connection temporarily.

Whatever the case, if your WIFI router does not have internet connection, your smart plug won’t either.

Fix 1 – Make Sure Router is Connected to the Internet

  1. Unplug the router from power supply
  2. Wait 5 minutes
  3. Plug the router back in
  4. If it still says unable to connect within the Meross app, please contact your ISP

2. Precise Location Hasn’t Been Toggled On

For your Meross smart plug to be able to connect to the internet, you need to make sure that Precise Location in your location settings needs to be turned on. The Meross app needs your precise location in order to function properly, and if this is turned off, you’ll need to enable it in settings.

To turn on precise location on your iPhone, Go to Settings > Privacy & Security, then select Location Services. Select Meross, then turn Precise Location on.

3. There’s A Glitch

Another common reason why this error occurs is a temporary glitch in your Meross app. A temporary malfunction in the smart plugs software or hardware could cause it not to connect to the internet.

Most of the time, software glitches go away on their own. But on other occasions, you may have to perform a few actions to resolve them.

Fix – Remove Then Re-Add the Meross Smart Plug

When your Meross smart plug won’t connect to the internet, the smart plug may have lost connection to the router due to a glitch or because of the distance. Removing and then re-adding the Meross smart plug.

This is how you remove the Meross plug in iOS:

  1. Remove smart plug from Meross app.

  2. Disconnect your iPhone or iPad from your home Wifi.

  3. Click “Remove Accessory” and it will be gone.

…and (if you want to) re-add the Meross plug later:

  1. Hold smart plug button for about 10 seconds until the LED goes off.

  2. The LED will go back on and will be blinking yellow/green.

  3. Connect back to your home Wifi (same 2.4-GHz network as your smart devices)

  4. Re-add smart plug as if it was brand new.

Fix 2 – Wait It Out

Sometimes glitches go away on their own and you don’t have much control over them like you think you do. The best thing to do if you’ve exhausted all options is to wait it out. You’ll be surprised by how many problems go away on their own if you were patient.

Fix 3 – Try Another Router

This may seem a bit outlandish because not everyone has a spare router lying around. However, the source of the connectivity problem may just be a compatibility issue between your Meross smart plug and the type of router you are using.

Users have reported particular issues connecting to WIFI 6 routers (802.11ax). You may try using a WIFI 5 router (802.11ac) instead to see if the issue is resolved.

To try and fix this:

  • Try using a WIFI 5 router that is AC or AX
  • Set the frequency on 2.4GHz

Alternatively, you may try using a mobile hotspot to see if you can bypass the error as some users have done.

Fix 4 – Factory Reset Smart Plug

A factory reset is the last resort to fixing the internet issue you’re having with your Meross smart plug.

To factory reset:

  1. Hold down on the power key for 5 seconds or until the LED flashes Amber and Green. Once the accessory is in setup mode, it will show as a WiFi network under Add Devices in the WiFi menu section in Settings.
  2. Click on it. Once you click on it, you will be asked if you’d like to connect to the network and add the accessory to Home.
  3. Add the accessory to Home. It’ll now be readded with no issues, and you should follow the previous steps to connect it to WI-Fi Again.

Fix 5 – Contact Meross

If you still experience issues with your Meross smart plug not being able to connect to the internet, then your smart plug may have a manufacturing defect. This is especially if you’ve never been able to connect it to the internet. Please reach out to Meross to get support on the issue using the link below:

4. Meross App Out Of Date

As a rule, if you encounter an error in your Meross app, such as not being able to connect to WIFI, ensure that the app is up to date. If the app isn’t up to date, it could cause you to run into all sorts of issues.

On the one hand, updates are released by Mross to fix bugs that may be causing errors on your smart plug. On the other hand, they also add features and enhancements that make your smart plug perform better and avoid running into errors from time to time

5. 5 GHz is Enabled on Router

Modern routers use two major technologies for internet connection: 2.4GHz and 5GHz. The difference between the two is based on Speed and Range.

  • 2.4GHz (default) – more range, less speed
  • 5GHz – less range, more speed

From this, you can see that even though the 5GHz will have more speed, range is more crucial for your smart plug than speed therefore 2.4GHz will need to be enabled. The Meross smart plug doesn’t support the 5GHz Wi-Fi Network but instead supports the 2.4 GHz network.

Fix – Turn Off 5GHz In Router

Given the explanation about 5GHz, it is clear that using the 2.4GHz frequency serves your smart plug better. Most WIFI routers use 2.4GHz by default, so you need to force yours to revert back to using 2.4GHz.

The interface to complete this task depends on the kind of WIFI router you are using. You may consult your ISP for guidance. However, I have presented a general guide for all WIFI routers below:

  1. Connect your PC to the router using an Ethernet cable.
  2. Open a web browser on your PC and enter the admin IP address of your router in the address bar. The default IP addresses are usually or If you are unsure of the IP address, refer to your router’s manual or documentation.
  3. On the login page enter the admin credentials. This usually comes with the router manual. For most routers, username and password are both “admin”. Or, admin and password for username and password, respectively. If you’ve changed the credentials and don’t remember them, consult your router’s manual for the correct login information.
  4. Once logged in, navigate to the Wireless Settings section or the appropriate wireless configuration page.
  5. Look for the 5GHz frequency settings. It may be labeled as “Wireless Radio Frequency,” “Wireless Mode,” or something similar.
  6. Disable or uncheck the option for the 5GHz frequency. This may involve toggling a switch, unchecking a box, or selecting the appropriate option from a dropdown menu.
  7. Save the changes or apply the settings. The router will likely prompt you to confirm the changes before proceeding.
  8. After saving the changes, the router will revert to the default 2.4GHz frequency for wireless connections.

6. Power Supply Issue

If your Meross smart plug is not receiving the proper power, it could cause it not to connect to the internet.

Fix – Try A Different Wall Outlet

You should attempt to plug your smart plug into a different wall outlet if you are experiencing power supply issues. This will help you better determine whether you are experiencing a power supply issue or a router issue.

If you can connected your Meross smart plug to WI-FI as intended when using an alternative power outlet, then you were likely plugged into a faulty outlet before. You should call a licensed electrician to fix any faulty outlet issues that you are having and also avoid using that outlet till the problem is resolved.

7. SSID and Password Issue

SSID, Service State Identifier, is the public name of your WIFI connection. There are a couple of challenges that could arise with SSID:

  1. You may have selected the wrong WIFI name when trying to connect your Meross smart plug to the internet.

2. Also, if you are trying to connect your Encode to WIFI when you encounter this error, it is possible that you are entering the wrong password for the network.

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