Luxpro Thermostat Locked? This fix worked!

Luxpro Thermostat Locked

Don’t panic if, by any chance, our Luxpro thermostat gets locked. This is a common error, but most people are unaware. Like most other devices, this occurs due to an error. Fortunately, it can be fixed, and the thermostat can resume normal functionality.

Ordinarily, the lock feature on your Luyxpro thermostat is not a mistake. It is meant to help lock out anyone who could tamper with the settings you may have installed already. However, it becomes an issue if the feature activates without your knowledge or intention.

This may happen as an accident, especially if the thermostat is within reach. Kids may cause the lock to activate when they play with the buttons. You may take a while to figure out what is happening, but the good news is that you can rectify the mistake quickly. I will explore how you can easily unlock the Luxpro thermostat when it locks unintentionally.

Note that the models of the Luxpro thermostat may influence how this happens. However, there is a general method to fix the problem. If you want to learn more about how to handle this issue for your specific LuxPro thermostat, then keep reading.

Why is LuxPro Thermostat Locked?

The Thermostat may Lock Accidentally.

In most cases, the Luxpro thermostat gets locked accidentally. This has to be the number one reason why your thermostat locks itself when it shouldn’t. Unless you have set the lock yourself, any other time it happens, this could be due to an error or accidental locking. What’s more, it often happens without your knowledge.

Watch out for children, especially when they can access the thermostat. Playing with the buttons may lead to the thermostat being locked unintentionally. This is why it is always advisable to position your thermostat away from the reach of children, especially when they are young and unable to keep clear.

You also don’t want the thermostat to be in a place where you can easily bump into it, as this can lock it. When this happens, you must understand how to unlock the thermostat.

Fix – Unlock the Thermostat

  1. The general method of unlocking the thermostat involves pressing the NEXT button on your thermostat three times. Do this consecutively and then press HOLD. The goal is to eliminate the padlock icon, indicating that the thermostat has been unlocked.
  2. If this straightforward method fails, your thermostat model requires a code to unlock. In this case, you need to identify the procedure for unlocking the exact model of the thermostat you are using. Ordinarily, you need a three-digit code to unlock.
  3. First, tap on the closed padlock to display where to enter the code. Once you enter the code, tap on the NEXT button to successfully unlock the thermostat.
  4. You may not remember what the code was. In such a case, try the 000 code, the default code for all models. If this fails to work, you need to reset the thermostat for a correct fix. To reset the LuxPro thermostat, locate the reset button. This can either be on the right or left side of the device. It is indicated by a white button with the letter R on the circle. Once you find it, press and hold the button for not less than 5 seconds. This resets the thermostat and gets rid of the lock icon. You need to note that the reset may fix the lock issue, but it also eliminates any other custom settings from before. Therefore, you have to reprogram the thermostat again. It is essential to know how to unlock the different models of the LuxPro thermostat.

Unlocking Various LuxPro Thermostat Models

As I have said before, the lock setting on your LuxPro thermostats is for your protection. It prevents any tampering from unauthorized persons, ensuring that the temperature in your home is well-regulated.

If this is a feature you intend or is already using, then you need to understand how to lock and unlock the exact model of LuxPro thermostats you have. Below are easy ways to achieve this.

Locking/Unlocking the LuxPRO PSP711TS Series

To lock this model, you must first set up the new code. To do this, proceed as follows:

  1. Go to the Thermostat Home Screen and tap MENU. You should then scroll to the SET KEYBOARD LOCK.
  2. Once here, tap YES and enter the default code (000). You need to use the UP/DOWN arrows to enter/change your code numbers accordingly
  3. You will notice that the thermostat displays Open and Closed padlock icons. You need to tap YES, then proceed to enter your new code. Next, you should tap YES to accept the new code.
  4. Once prompted to ENTER OLD CODE, tap EXIT to return to the main display. Now that the code is set, it will be easy to lock.
  5. You only need to tap the open padlock icon on your thermostat display. This will then bring up the Lock Key appearing on the screen.
  6. Next, tap YES. Your thermostat will display a closed padlock icon showing that the device is locked.

To unlock, proceed as follows:

  1. You need to tap on the closed padlock icon on your thermostat display.
  2. Next, tap YES and then enter your code. ( Like before, you must use the UP/DOWN arrows to enter/change numbers).
  3. Once you are prompted, tap YES to complete the process.
  4. The open padlock icon will then be displayed on the screen, indicating that your thermostat has been successfully unlocked.

If you cannot remember your code, you can perform a Software Reset on your thermostat To reset the code to 000 (Note that this is the default code). Follow the Software Reset process I already explained above.

2. Locking and Unlocking the LuxPRO PSP511Ca / PSP511LCa Models

In case you own the LuxPro thermostat PSP511Ca or have the PSP511LCa models, then you lock it with the following steps.

  1. Press the NEXT button thrice and press the HOLD button. A padlock icon will show that the thermostat has been locked on the screen.
  2. The same procedure is used to unlock the thermostat models.

3. Locking and Unlocking LuxPRO PSP722E Thermostat

To lock, proceed as follows:

  1. You have to press the SETUP button on the thermostat.
  2. Next, choose Full or Partial (Note that the full lock will disable all keys with the exception of the Setup button and S.W. Reset button. On the other hand, a partial lock allows other users to adjust the temperature without necessarily having to unlock the device). Choose the option that best applies to you.
  3. Then press NEXT, and set your lock code (3 digits). This system needs you to enter one digit at a time.
  4. Press NEXT after you enter each digit. For instance, if the code would be 4,5,6, here’s how to enter it: Key in 4 > NEXT > 5 > NEXT > 6 > NEXT.
  5. If you do this right, the unit will lock after you enter the last digit and press NEXT. Repeat the procedure if this does not happen.

To unlock, proceed as follows:

  1. Start by pressing the SETUP button on your thermostat.
  2. Next, enter your lock code—one digit at a time and press NEXT after you enter each code.
  3. If the code you enter is correct, the unit will unlock after entering the last digit and pressing NEXT.

You can always reset the thermostat if you forget the code. Alternatively, you can check the unit’s circuit board to find it. Just be sure you are ready to reprogram new settings since everything is lost with a reset.

Changing the Code of Your LuxPRO PSP722E Thermostat

Besides resetting, you can also change the code. To do this, proceed as follows:

  1. Start by pressing the SETUP button, and then select NEW CODE.
  2. You then press NEXT, enter your old code (This is the one-digit at a time code, and press NEXT after entering each code).
  3. Finally, enter a new code (one digit at a time, followed by NEXT). Note that the newly set code will be active after entering the last digit and pressing NEXT.

The ultimate functionality of any thermostat is when the settings work okay. This means that your thermostat should read and match what you have set at any given time.

However, since the conditions are not always optimal, changes may happen, affecting the performance of the thermostat. While some settings are intentional, sometimes what is meant to protect the device can be activated unintentionally, leading to errors.

For the case of the LuxPro thermostat, the lock function should help prevent unwanted tampering once the ideal temperature is set. However, it may be triggered by error and, as such, interfere with the operations.

Fortunately, this issue can be fixed by resetting the thermostats if all else fails. However, before it gets to this, you must follow the specific steps for locking and unlocking the thermostats, depending on the model in question. Find out which model you own and follow the steps carefully. Your thermostat will function at its best.

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