Kwikset Smart Lock Won’t Unlock? this fix worked!

Kwikset Smart Lock Won't Unlock

Before you assume that your kwikset smart lock has refused to unlock, there are several things you must confirm first.

  1. You need to use a valid user code when attempting to unlock the door
  2. Try using a physical key to unlock the door if the code fails
  3. When all else fails, consider calling in a kwikset smart lock blacksmith to help unlock the lock professionally. Note that one slight mistake can cost you immensely so it is best to let the experts handle it.

Other potential reasons why your kwikset lock may be refusing to unlock include system bug, poor installation, and failing to use the right user code. These are just but a few of the possible reasons for such a failure. Some of the concerns are easy to deal with individually but others may require professional intervention.

However, before resorting to calling the blacksmith to help, try the first two steps. Even so, it will help to understand some of the troubleshooting basics if you own this lock. I will be exploring some of the most common causes of the unlocking issue and how best to fix it.

Why Won’t My Kwikset Smart Lock Unlock?

1. Battery concerns

Whenever the kwikset lock becomes problematic and refuses to unlock with the code, your first guess should be to check the batteries. After some time, batteries wear off, cutting the power supply to the lock. Consequently, your lock code will be hindered from operating as normal. Fortunately, this is the most basic and the easiest thing to do.

Fix – Replace Worn Out Batteries

  1. Start by confirming that the batteries are worn out. Remove the battery cover from the lock’s back . You will find two AA batteries.
  2. You should remove the old batteries and replace them with a new set. Make sure to insert the batteries correctly before putting the battery cover back on. You need to wait at least 30 seconds before replacing the old batteries with a new set. Pay attention to the negative and positive polarity markings when doing the exchange.
  3. Be careful not to mix the old and new batteries when attempting to fix the issue. This could easily damage the lock beyond redemption. Even when the old battery seems okay, be sure to replace them..
  4. Test the code and see if it will now unlock the lock. Failure to do so means that there is another problem.

2. Wiring Mishaps

The next common issue that could cause the lock to stay unlocked is a fault wiring system. Besides the battery, the lock may have a wiring issue. It is possible that there is a loose wire needing replacement and fixing.

Once you reconnect the wire properly, there is a high likelihood that everything will be back to normal. If you suspect that the lock may be having a wiring issue, then the best thing to do is have it fixed.

Fix – Rewiring or Tightening Loose Wires

  1. Loose wires can cause a problem with the kwikset locking system. Have this properly checked
  2. Bring in a professional electrician to confirm that the wire system has an issue. A professional locksmith with an understanding of how the kwikset lock works will also be instrumental in fixing the wiring concerns.

3.Using a Wrong User Code

Obviously, using the wrong user code will lead to an unlock error each time you attempt to unlock the lock. This is a more common issue with many smart locks. You should always confirm and re-confirm that the code you are inputting is the right one.

The best way to ensure no error occurs is to read through the 6-digit user code once more before keying it in. Note that using the code more than three times consequently will cause the kwikset system to lock itself for at least 30 minutes.

This is a security measure that works for your own good in case of a break in but can be disadvantageous if you genuinely mixup the user code. What’s more, the lock will automatically be locked out for 24 hours, which you cannot afford.

Fix – Verify the User Code Each Time you are Unlocking

  1. Check the user code carefully each time you want to unlock the kwikset lock.
  2. Do not attempt using the same code that fails more than twice. The third and the last attempt may be binding and could lock you out for 24 hours
  3. Use a user code that is easy to remember. You will need this after you have factory reset the default code (1234) since resetting the lock erases all the previous programming memory. Be sure to choose user codes that are not difficult to remember.

4. Lock’s Bug

Sometimes the lock may encounter an issue that is not related to you. When you attempt all the above solutions unsuccessfully, then there is a high likelihood that your kwikset lock has a bug.

This is an issue with the system and cannot be removed in any other way except factory resetting. Such a reset clears every memory from the lock and gives you a clean start.

Fix – Factory Reset the Kwikset Lock

  1. You first have to remove the battery form the Kwikset SmartCode Deadbolt, all the time making sure not to remove the cover
  2. Next you have to press while holding down the two buttons at the same time for at least 10 seconds. Only release when you see 4 LED lights flash/ light up in a random order.
  3. Only then should you release the two buttons and allow the LED buttons to flash randomly for the next 5 seconds..
  4. After a while. Two of the LED lights will go green, and the other two will light orange. This will signify that the lock has already been factory reset. It is now ready for use.
  5. Since all the previous programming has been erased by such a reset, it is important that you program a new one.

5. Poor/No Door Handling

The kwikset lock may be adamant to unlock also if there was no door handling process done. It is important and a requirement for this kwikset smart code and other models of the locks to go through a door handling process when you first acquire the lock.

This should be redone if you factory reset the lock at some point too. It is the handling process that allows the smart code to indicate the location that the deadbolt will face (right or left). Failure to go through the process only means that the lock will not work electronically no matter how hard you try.

Fix – Do not Skip the Door Handling Process for the New or Reset Locks

  1. First it is necessary for you to remove the battery from the Kwikset SmartCode Deadbolt and keep the cover on
  2. Next press and keep holding down the program button before returning the battery pack back without releasing the power button.
  3. Once the battery is back in correctly, you can now release the power button
  4. Once done, press and hold the program button once more and the latch bolt will then determine the movement of the door when it extends and retracts.
  5. A green light should flash to signify that the process has been completed successfully. In case this doesn’t happen then there may be a bigger issue than the suspected glitch. Contacting the customer service is the best move here.

Installation Issue

If all the above measures still fail to unlock your kwikset smart lock, then you have only one option left. There may be an issue with the installation of the lock. When this happens, malfunctions are unavoidable so you are likely to experience multiple unlocking problems.

Fix – Reinstall the Lock

  1. Follow your lock’s manual and
  2. You can also search online to know the correct installation process for your kwikset lock model
  3. If all this does not work, consider bringing a locksmith to help solve the mystery. Choose a kwikset locksmith since they are likely to be familiar with this type of locks.

You don’t have to panic each time your kwikset lock refuses to unlock. Chances are that the above solutions will work for the issues. Even when everything else fails, you still have the opportunity of calling a locksmith.

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