Kasa Smart Plug Not Connecting to WiFi? this fix worked!


Why is my Kasa smart plug not connecting to Wi-Fi?

What reasons are there for Kasa smart plug not connecting to wi-Fi? Here are several questions you can or use to troubleshoot a Kasa Smart Plug that is not connecting to Wi-Fi.

1. Did you miss a step during the initial configuration/set-up to Wi-Fi connection

The reason your Kasa Smart Plug is not connecting to the Wi-Fi is because you did not set up your Kasa Smart Plug the correct way.

If you have missed any steps of the configuration process then the Wi-Fi connectivity will not work. Here’s how to set Kasa smart plug from your iPhone.

  1. Download the app – Kasa from the Appstore
  2. Open the Kasa app
  3. Select the plus sign + to add a new device

The phone will bring you a message asking you, ‘what would you like to add?’ and give you two choices.

The first choice is Device (for adding a new Kasa Smart Home Device)

The second choice is Group (for controlling multiple devices simultaneously)

1. Click on Device

2. The Add Device Menu page opens

3. Scroll down and choose Smart Plugs

4. The Smart Plugs Menu page will open

5. Select Smart Plug Mini

6. The Smart Plug Mini choice will open up Power Up Your Smart Plug page

This Power Up your Smart Plug will request you to ‘Plug in your Kasa Smart Plug, Kasa will check your Wi-Fi condition’.

7. Plug in your Kasa Smart Wi-Fi plug into the wall

8. The Plug will start to blink orange and blue

9. The Kasa app will open a page called will ask you, ‘Look at your Smart Plug. Is the Wi-Fi light blinking orange and green/blue?”

10. Hit the Next button if that is blinking lights are correct

11. The app will open Connect Your Smart Plug.

The Connect your Smart Page instructs you to: ‘ Go to your iPhone settings and join your Wi-Fi network. Return to Kasas to continue set-up.’

Leave the Kasa app for a little while and go to your Wi-Fi settings and click on TP-Link Smart Plug and it will link with the Smart Plug.

1. Go back to the Kasa app

2. The App will open up a Connecting to Smart Plug page.

The Connecting to Smart Plug page will be busy for a bit and start spinning as it tries to establish a connection with the Wi-Fi

3. If app takes long to connect gently press on the side button on your Smart Plug and it will send another signal to your phone to help it connect.

It may take a few minutes to connect, be patient

4. Once your phone connects the Choose Your Network page opens up.

The page says “We found the following Wi-Fi networks for your Smart Plug,’ and shows a list of available Wi-Fi networks. Choose the most appropriate one for your home network.

5. This opens a page asking to “Enter the Password’. Input the correct password for your home network and click Join.

6. The app will go back to the ‘Connecting Smart Plug’ page and it will reestablish connection

7. Once Wi-Fi connection has been set-up the app will ask you to ‘Name Your device’ and guide you by stating, ‘Let’s give it a friendlier name like “Living Room Lamp”’. Name your device and click on Save button.

8. The app will then take you to a ‘Customize Icon’ page where you can choose one of the icons to represent your Smart Plug. For instance, you can choose a lamp icon to show that this smart plug is for the living room lamp. After opting for your preferred icon click on the Save button

9. The app then moves to the Location screen. This page has some locations for Smart Plug and if it doesn’t, you can choose Custom to tailor it to the room you want. Choose your preferred location- e.g Theater, Living Room. Click on the Save button.

10. After that the app opens a Congratulations page. The screen states that: ‘You have configured your Smart Plug and it is ready for use in your Device List.’

11. Go back to the Home screen and you will see that the device name e.g Living Room Lamp is listed as a device on the Plugs section. You can tap on Edit if you wish to change the name.

12. Now plug in the device e.g Living Room Lamp and you can now control it from your phone for instance:you can switch it on and off, or you can schedule when to turn it on and off.

Fix – If you follow this sequence, you will never have to ask why your Kasa Smart Plug is not connecting to Wi-Fi.

2. Did you download the correct app?

You can get the Kasa Smart app from the App Store or Google Play. There are other apps that have a closely related spelling such as Kqsa or Kaca or Qasa. Be very carefully to download the correctly spelt app. The Kasa app should have a logo that looks like this image.

Kasa Smart - Apps on Google Play

Fix – Ensure you download the correct Kasa app

3. Did you confirm the model number and wireless network?

The device will not be recognized by Wi-Fi if you input the wrong letter or number.

Fix – Verify that the model number of the product being chosen during the configuration is correct.

Your SSID should be ‘TP-Link_Smart Plug_XXXX’ .

Fix 2 – Ascertain that you have chosen the accurate wireless network to connect.

4. Do you have internet?

As you configure your Kasa app, you find that you are at the ‘Connect to Wi-Fi’ page but when you connect your iPhone to your Wi-Fi network to continue set-up, the ‘No Internet’ page appears.

The ‘No Internet’ page will request you to: ‘Make sure your router is functioning properly and that you have a strong Wi-Fi signal’.

Fix – Double check that your phone has linked to your main router’s Wi-Fi and can access the internet.

Fix 2 – Force close the Kasa app and launch it again, wait a few more seconds to see whether you can go to the next step to connect the smart Wi-Fi.

5. Can you connect to your Kasa Smart Plug Wi-fi?

Your router is working, your Wi-Fi signal is strong and the app is responding to inputs, but you are still unable to connect you Kasa Smart Plug to Wi-Fi.

What could be problem?

Well, there could be three causes why you cannot connect your Kasa Smart Plug to Wi-Fi:

  1. Your device location is a hindrance

If your device location is an issue, you can try a different location where the signal will be stronger and there will be no interference from other signals

Fix – Move your Wi-Fi router closer to your Kasa Smart Plug. This will improve signal strength

6. Your Smart Plug needs refreshing

You need to restart or power cycle your Smart Plug to refresh the configuration process.

Fix – Unplug your Smart Plug from the wall and replug it in to restart

7. You have no idea and need help

If you have tried all the above fixes and are still clueless as to why your Kasa Smart Plug is not connecting to Wi-Fi, then it’s time to get troubleshooting tips from the manufacturer.

Fix – Go to tp-link.com/support for more pointers

8. Do you have VPN?

Take care that there is no VPN or VPN software like Lookout, AdGuard on the phone.

A virtual private network or VPN connection creates a secure connection between you and the internet. Via the VPN, all your data traffic is directed through an encrypted virtual tunnel.

This cloaks your IP address when you use the internet, making its location hidden to everyone.

Using a VPN impedes your internet connection. Wi-Fi speeds drop by as much as 77% as soon as you sign onto a VPN.

Fix – If there is a VPN running, turn off the VPN on the phone.

Software like Adguard can block internet connection. It affects, text messages, emails, browsers, Play Store and Apps that need internet access including the Kasa app.

9. Did you check for typos?

When you are connecting your Smart Plug to your home network and you find that you are unable to connect to Wi-Fi then you must have made an error when inputting details.

There must be a typo, a wrong, missing letter, digit, network name, or password.

Fix – Double check your password, Wi-Fi network name and follow the install guide again.

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