Joowin WiFi Extender Setup

Joowin WiFi Extender Setup

The Joowin WIFI extender has become increasingly popular because of its affordability and functionality. And so in this article, I am are to provide you with a full guide on how to setup your Joowin WIFI extender.

How to Setup Joowin WIFI Extender

The guide provided below is as recommended by the WIFI extender manufacturer itself. The guide also uses the JW-WR768AC models for reference. But the setup steps also apply to other models including the JW-WR302SV2 and the JW-WR302S models.

I recommend that you follow these steps to the letter to avoid having any issues with performance with your Joowin WIFI repeater.

1. Plug the Joowin WIFI extender into a power supply outlet. The plug can be replaced depending on the regulations in your area, that is, US, UK, or EU

2. Next, switch on the power on the WIFI extender by pressing the power button on the side the device. The device does not come on automatically by simply connecting it to a power outlet.

3. After pressing the power button, only the large indicator light may come on and turn blue

4. Wait at least 60 seconds for the extender to fully initialise. All indicator lights will be on and blue

5. Next, get on your phone or laptop, search for WIFI networks, and connect to either the JOOWIN -XXX -2G or JOOWIN XXX_5G network. If you are using a 2.4Ghz only router, then connect to the 2G version of the Joowin network. If your router has 5Ghz, I recommend that you connect to this instead.

6. Then, open a web browser on your device and go the the address

7. You may be prompted to select the interface language. You can change from Chinese to English

8. Below, enter password as ‘admin’ (without the quotes) and then click on Set Password or Login, depending on your device

9. At this point, a new page or interface will open where available WIFI networks will be scanned. Select the WIFI network that you want to extend with the Joowin repeater.

10. Make sure that the options ‘Combine WIFI’ and ‘Sync Your Device’ are both turned off at this point

11. Now, enter the password for your WIFI and click on Save Setting

12. Wait about 40 seconds for the configuration to complete. You may see ‘Configuration In Effect, Please Reconnect Network’ displayed on the interface

13. Go back on the setup page, reconnect to your WIFI, but this time, make sure that ‘Combine WIFI’ is turned on

14. Then enter your WIFI password and click on Save Setting

15. When the configuration is complete, go back to the setup page again and reconnect to your WIFI, this time making sure that ‘Sync Your Device’ is turned on

16. Again, enter your WIFI password and click on Save Setting

17. After configuration is complete, the extended WIFI name will become same as your original WIFI network. You can then connect to the one with stronger signal


1. WIFI Extender Placement

After setup, place the WIFI extender midway between the WIFI router and your connecting device.

Make sure there is just enough signal on the repeater. The signal strength is indicated by the 3 dotted, vertical lights on the extender. If only one indicator is on, it is enough for the repeater to work with. You know that the signal is not good enough when the light on the extender starts to blink.

2. ‘Combine WIFI’ Setting

Many users and guides do not go back and turn on the ‘Combine WIFI’ setting during setup. But this is highly recommended because it causes the WIFI extender to switch to the highest band possible, for optimal performance.

3. ‘Sync Your Device’ Setting

This is another overlooked setting on the Joowin WIFI extender. Although it is optional, it is recommended to turn it on so that the WIFI extender now has the same name as your WIFI network. You simply need to select the one with better signal strength on your device, depending on your location in the house.

Joowin WIFI Extender Maintenance

Now that you have set up the WIFI extender, you should be aware of the following maintenance best practices for the WIFI extender device.

1. Make sure that only the recommended voltage input range is supplied to the Joowin WIFI extender. Refer to the user manual to see the recommended voltage input. Joowin WIFI extender devices are sensitive to voltage input levels

2. Do not place the WIFI extender on a device that emits heat, or in a hot space. High temperatures will damage the device. Room temperature and below are ideal for the WIFI extender

3. Avoid contact with water. If this happens, make sure to dry it out immediately

Troubleshooting Joowin WIFI Extender Issues

1. Constantly-disconnecting Network

If you keep getting disconnected from the WIFI extender network, and you have confirmed that the device is within a good range of your WIFI router, then the most likely cause for the constant disconnection is an out-of-date Joowin WIFI extender firmware.

To fix this, update the firmware following the steps below:

1. Go to on your laptop

2. Click on the Download dropdown and select Firmware Download

3. A list of all Joowin devices will be displayed. Locate your Joowin WIFI extender device model and click on Download beside it.

4. After the firmware update file has been downloaded to your device, go to on a browser. Make sure you are connected to the WIFI extender network for this to work

5. Click on System Tools and then select ‘Upgrade Firmware’

6. You will be prompted to upload the upgrade file.

7. Select the downloaded file from your device and then click on ‘Upload’

This will complete the upgrade/update process for your Joowin WIFI extender.

2. Poor Network Performace

Again, first make sure that the WIFI extender is within a good range from your WIFI router.

Then, check for interference from nearby devices. This happens mostly if you are using the 2.4GHz mode on your WIFI router. This mode is susceptible to interference from other devices that use the same frequency including microwaves, baby monitors, and even your neighbours’ WIFI networks.

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