How to Troubleshoot Kasa Smart Switch

How to Troubleshoot Kasa Smart Switch

The Kasa smart switch may be affected by several issues including connectivity and power concerns. Note that each of these issues have a specific remedy. However, you first need to understand the root cause of the problem. This is the only way to get a proper remedy.

If you are looking for ways to fix the problems with the Kasa smart switch then keep reading. I will explore some of the most common issues that affect the Kasa smart switch and explore possible solutions to them.

How to Troubleshoot Kasa Smart Switch

If you have been wondering why your Kasa switch is not working, then there are several reasons for this. Note that each problem has a specific root cause. In this article I will explore common concerns that may affect the Kasa smart switch.

Usually, this is an error that may come about if the switch was manually installed. The biggest culprit is when the wrong wire was connected to everything accidentally.

As a result other subsequent issues come up with the most common being constant tripping of the circuit breaker. It is also possible that you could end up with a damaged appliance or equipment as long as it is connected to the faulty switch.

It is also possible that the wiring inside the wall gets damaged due to an infestation by pests. Besides that, environmental factors could also lead to the switch not working properly. Some common causes of the switch not working properly are discussed in details below.

Inability to Connect to the WiFi

You may have realized that your switch fails to connect to your WiFi at some point in time. Without the WiFi connection, it becomes difficult to operate the Kasa device. Voice commands and app prompts are the most difficult to control. There is so much you cna do in case the voice automation fails. This includes:

  1. Evaluating the WiFi network strength
  2. Confirming that the smart switch remains connected to the network
  3. Pressing restart to help reboot the smart switch
  4. Removing all objects that may be causing the electrical interference
  5. Resetting and reconfiguring the switch

Note that the switch comes with an LED indicator. This is important as it helps to track the network connection and often blinks green whenever it is connected. In case it is yellow or red, then it signifies a lost WiFi connectivity.

Possible causes of the connectivity issue include:

  1. Being out of range interference from other devices around
  2. Malfunctioning router
  3. Several physical electronic and obstructions
  4. Overloading the WiFi channel with too many devices\
  5. Having the switch connected to a WiFi channel that is unsupported, usually 5GHz
  6. May be caused by a malfunctioning switch

Whenever you use the Kasa smart switch, the WiFi lighting icon is the indicator that alerts you whether the device is properly configured or not. When the light is vividly green and dependable, this is an indication that your device is connected to your network (local network).

However, if the network is unplugged from your home network, chances are that it will be amber green, signifying the need to restore connectivity. The good news is that you can still remedy the switch if it has a green blinking light.

Note that the green blinking light is not a good sign. It only means that the switch lost its internet connectivity. Unfortunately this also means that the switch will not work without the internet connection. The best remedy for this would be to reconnect the smart switch to the internet.

Smart App Concerns

Most users have attributed the issues with the Kasa smart switch issues to the problems regarding the smart app. Chances are that there is a bug causing the smart app issue. It is also possible that the light switch in your house has a fault.

The Best Solutions for a Malfunctioning Kasa Smart Switch

You can easily fix the Kasa smart switch concerns in a number of ways. However, each solution is dependent on the problem.

While some issues can be fixed by a simple reset, others need the total requirement of the smart switch. I shall explore all the potential remedies for the switch error and you choose which one to apply based on the cause of the problem.

Rewiring the Kasa Smart Switch

If after investigating you discover that the Kasa smart switch issues are brought about by a wiring issue, then you should consider a complete rewiring. Find out if the cables linked to one another are actually safe/ secure. Improper connection will cause the equipment to trip the circuit breaker.

Usually, wiring concerns include:

  1. Wrong wire connection
  2. Wrong wire position
  3. Short Circuited devices

To fix this, there are several things you can do. The bottomline is to ensure you fix the wiring concerns.

Go for color coded wires that help differentiate the active wires from the neutrals and ground. Most of these come with wire wraps that protect the connections in a befitting manner. However, in case you are not familiar with electrical connections, make sure to work with a professional electrician.

Reconnect the Kasa smart switch to the Home Network

Obviously when the Kasa light switch blinks on and off, this is an indication that the connection is problematic. Before trying to fix the internet connection point, make sure to restart the Kasa smart app installation process.

If there are some appliances in the house not working as they should, then chances are that the Kasa switch is not getting the connection it requires. You may have to install a second WiFi extension if you are unable to move the router close to the smart switch.

If you settle for a WiFi cable network, make sure it is not less than 2.4GHz. Band. This is the only way your smart switch will connect to other devices. While you can still use 5GHz frequency over mobile data. However, it is always best for the smart switch connection to be maintained at 2.4GHz band more so for the main router.

In case you want to reduce the overload when connecting the smart switch, then consider having an extra WiFi network connected to the channel. If all these attempts to fix the issue does not resolve the mistake, then consider resetting the router.

Fixing Kasa Smart Switch App issues

1. First you must remove the Kasa gadget from the app

2. Following your phone’s slide down menu, choose the gear-shaped icon to access settings.

3. In the app setting, locate the Kasa smart app and click on it

4. Go to the app storage setting and remove all the app data

5. Once done remove the Kasa smart app and restart the Kasa smart device for a short time.

6. Check if the problem has been fixed

7. If you still experience the same issues despite the potential remedies then you need to get in touch with the Kasa staff. They will provide the support you need especially with diagnosing the problem so as to provide a remedy that works.

Reset the Smart Switch

It is very common for software mishaps to affect how Smart Kasa switches operate. Just as is the case with many other high-tech devices, the Kasa smart switch also experiences poor performance if the code is problematic.

Therefore, you need a fix that will clear any code interference or glitch. The best move would be to reset the smart switch as this clears the glitch hence a perfect DIY solution.

You can opt for a hard reset which means restoring the device back to the original state it was first bought. This means that any pre-saved configurations will disappear and you get a chance to start from scratch if everything else fails.

The other easier option would be a soft reset. Thai involves wiping your device’s current OS but keeps the saved configurations and settings intact. Choose a reset that works based on the specific needs you have.

To conduct a soft reset proceed as follows:

  1. Press and hold the reset button for not less than 5 seconds
  2. Check the green light to confirm configuration

For the hard reset, proceed as follows:

  1. Hold the device for ten seconds and wait for the amber light to flash
  2. This will activate the factory setting and wipe out all the saved memories on the device.

There is so much that can happen with the smart switch that affects its effectiveness. However, you need to understand the main cause of the problem to procure the right solution. Each issue affecting the smart switch can be resolved.

While common triggers of such switch failures are internet connectivity and electric issues, there are many others that affect overall functionality of the switch. In the end solutions only work with correct diagnosis.

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