How to Change Code On Brinks Keypad Lock

How to Change Code On Brinks Keypad Lock

Bricks Digital Keypads are used to control access to secure areas. It is important to regularly change the keypad programming and user codes to ensure the security of the area.

In this article, I will be showing you how to change programming and user codes on the Brinks Deadbolt, as well as make other changes to preserve your security.

Brinks Keypad Default Codes

A Programming Code and User Code are included with the Brink Keypad Lock. The lock is shipped with a 4-digit Programming Code (0000) and a single User Code (1234) by default.

The Programming Code enables you to modify the Lock’s programming, including the ability to remove and add user codes. For instance, you must first input the Programming Code to put the lock in programming mode before you can delete a User Code from your lock.

And as you surely already know, a User Code is utilised to open the lock using the keypad. Up to six user codes may be added, and they may be changed or removed at any time.

Let’s now examine how to modify the Programming Code, User Code, and even restore default codes.

How to Change the Programming Code on Your Brinks Keypad Lock

As I explained earlier, the programming code is the code that is used to make changes to the keypad. Every action that you perform requires you to enter the programming code as a form of authentication and authorization. You are unlikely to need to change this code often. For most users, changing the default 0000 programming code is all they need for the duration of their use of the Brink keypad.

To change the programming code:

  1. Enter the existing Programming Code (the one you want to change) and press the BRINKS button on the keypad.
  2. Press key 4 on the keypad, then press the BRINKS button.
  3. Now enter a new Programming Code (4-10 digits) and press the BRINKS button.

Two long beeps will sound and the Brinks button will flash green twice to let you know that code change is successful.

If you don’t remember your existing Programming Code, try the default Programming Code, which is 0000. It is possible that you did not change the default 0000 programming code.

If you’re still stuck, you would need to perform a factory reset on the keypad. This will remove all the programming on the keypad and restore it to using the default codes detailed earlier.

I will provide steps on resetting Brink Keypad later in this article.

How to Change a User Code on Your Brinks Keypad Lock

The user code is the everyday code that you use to unlock the keypad and gain access to your door. Changing the user code from time to time is actually good security practice.

To change a User Code on your Brinks Keypad Lock:

A. Delete the User Code You Want to Change

There is no way to directly modify the user code. You would need to delete the existing code that you want to change and replace it with your new, desired code. To do that:

  1. Enter your current Programming Code and press the BRINKS button on the keypad.
  2. Press key 2 and then press the BRINKS button.
  3. Enter the User Code you want to delete and press the BRINKS button.
  4. The lock will blink green and beep once, showing the code is successfully deleted.

B. Enter The New Desired Code

After deleting the code as described above, you can then replace it with the new one that you want to use. To do this:

  1. Enter the Programming Code and press the BRINKS button.
  2. Press key 1 on the keypad, then press the BRINKS button.
  3. Enter a new User Code (4-10 digits) and press the BRINKS button.

By doing this, you have successfully changed the user code.

Delete All User Codes

What if you feel that a user code you created has been compromised but you’re not sure which one? You can simply delete all the user codes at once and then start afresh to programme new ones. To do this:

  1. Enter the Programming Code and press the BRINKS button.
  2. Press key 3 on the keypad and press the BRINKS button. This will remove all the User Codes on your Brinks Electronic Keypad Lock.

How to Restore Factory Default Settings on Brinks Electronic Keypad Lock

I mentioned earlier that you must reset the keypad to factory settings if you forget the programming code and it is not the default 0000.

Here is how to do that:

  1. Remove the battery cover to find the reset button with the letter R on it
  2. Insert a pin or paper clip into the hole. Then press and hold it until the lock beeps three times.
  3. Your lock is now reset.

When this is done, the programming code is now reset to the original 0000, and there is now only one user code which is 1234.

  • Note that you must repeat the door handing detection function after resetting your lock before doing any new programming.

This is just to let your Brink’s keypad understand whether your door is orientated to the left or right. Note that this is not optional; if you fail to perform this step, your lock will not work properly. Locks are very specific about whether your door opens rightwards vs leftwards and inwards vs outwards.

Here’s how to perform the door handing detection after performing a factory reset:

  1. Enter the default Programming Code (0000) and press the BRINKS button on the keypad.
  2. Press key 0 on the keypad and then press the BRINKS button.
  3. If the process is successful, you’ll hear the lock click. Then you will see 2 green flashes and hear 2 long beeps. And you have completed the handling detection.

Additional Information on Bricks Digital Keypad Programming and User Codes

  • Change the user codes every 6 months or thereabouts
  • Avoid using simple or easy-to-guess user codes such as “1234” or “0000”. Choose a combination of numbers that are difficult to guess but easy for you to remember.
  • Do not share your user code with anyone who is not authorized to access the secure area.
  • If you suspect that someone else knows your user code, change it immediately.
  • Keep a record of the programming code and user codes in a safe place, in case you forget them.
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