Eufy Doorbell Ringing on Its Own? Try These 9 Fixes

Eufy Doorbell Ringing on Its Own

Your Eufy doorbell can be an annoyance or can interrupt your activities including sleep if it rings for no reason or rings in the middle of night.

If you are experiencing this problem where your Eufy doorbell is ringing on its own even though no live or recorded events are seen on the app, the first course of action would be for you to go outside and see if there is anyone. Your problem is easily sorted if you find a person at your door.

However, this problem becomes a mystery if after the Eufy doorbell rings, you go outside to check who is at your door but find no one there.

The problem of the Eufy doorbell ringing on its’ own is further compounded if the bell keeps ringing, even when you are at the door despite finding no human, animal or any movement recorded outside the door.

What could cause your doorbell to ring randomly, constantly and with no explanation at all? Here are a few reasons why your Eufy doorbell is ringing on its own.

Why Does My Eufy Doorbell Ringing on Its Own?

1. Your doorbell is stuck

A random ringing doorbell could have a stuck doorbell button because of dirt or grime that has solidified on it over time or due to someone who may have pressed the button too hard and misaligned it leaving it in a ringing position.

Very many people do press the button and they could have traces of oil, dirt or dampness in their hands. This mixture of dirt and moisture could be transferred to your doorbell button making it sticky and stuck in a ringing mode.

You need to regularly check the hygiene of your doorbell button. To see if the button is stuck, press it firmly see if it springs back.

You can clean it with an electronic device cleaner like this on Amazon or clean it using compressed air using the Zarimi compressed duster

You can also clean a dirty doorbell button with CTC(a water based cleaner used for cleaning oil) or alcohol.

2. Inadequate set up of motion detection

The motion detection settings on your doorbell may not be set up to pick up human motion or the sensitivity levels could be set at too low. They might not catch the activity even though it happened.

Always go check your doorbell first if the chime won’t stop ringing as there could be something activating the doorbell repeatedly.

It could be a rapid activity such a delivery man quickly dropping off orders or an animal running by. The activity may happen so quickly that the camera does not have time to record it but and your doorbell senses the activity.

Some doorbell cameras only record only the upper human body parts and may miss scurrying rodents, flitting insects, creeping reptiles or delivery people who bend down to drop parcels.

To set up motion detection follow this sequence.

  1. Open eufySecurity App
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Choose Motion Detection
  4. Enable the detection mode
  5. Determine the activity zone
  6. Tick either Human or All Motion options
  7. Opt for low, medium low, medium, medium high or high sensitivity levels on the toggle bar

The human motion records the upper body of humans while the activity zone helps you to drag and draw your range of interest in a six-point hexagonal figure.

This trial-and-error method helps you pinpoint the most efficient activity zone for live and recorded events for your doorbell.

You can tick All Motion or Human to stop from getting false positives which result in random ringing or constant ringing.

When decreasing the sensitivity levels do so by a small margin to retain the efficiency of the doorbell unit. Toggle back and forth in a bid to find that sweet spot where false alerts and false positives don’t arise. Your aim is to attain a more accurate response to doorbell activity

The sensitivity levels that you select are also affected by light, humidity, wind strength and speed as well as shadows.

3. Severe weather.

Extreme climatic conditions tend to have an adverse effect on smart doorbell systems Too much heat, cold or rain can affect the motion detection sensitivity levels or the wiring of your doorbell. Build a small cover for your doorbell unit.

4. Water damage or moisture

In the event of floods or rain your doorbell could be affected by moisture that seeps into the wiring leading to a fluctuation in the voltage leading to constant or random ringing.

Very cold and wet weather causes moisture that can mess with your doorbell’s sensitivity levels.

Moisture or water damage can also lead to rusted wiring connections which inhibit the flow of current and prevent an accurate response from your doorbell electrical systems.

Ensure that your doorbell is covered by a porch to prevent rain, snow, ice and reduce moisture. You can put your doorbell and chime unit in rice to absorb moisture.

5. Software or firmware failure

Your indoor chime must be experiencing a software or firmware failure and that’s why it keeps ringing. Your doorbell software may need to be upgraded or updated. You may have a device that doesn’t have the latest software release making it susceptible to bugs.

You need to power cycle it.Power cycling disconnects or interrupts the flow of current.

To power cycle, switch off the doorbell unit waiting for a few minutes and then switch it back on. This refreshes the software and firmware and corrects any bugs in device.

You can also reset the doorbell unit. This refreshes the software and firmware and gets rid of any bugs. Follow the sequence below:

  1. Remove doorbell from mounting bracket on wall or door frame using paper clip or detaching pin
  2. Turn the doorbell around so that the back faces you
  3. Locate the SYNC button at the bottom
  4. Press and hold SYNC button
  5. Stop once you hear two rapid beeps

This starts a new baseline and it is treated as a new device the device can be mounted again. A reset erases existing configurations and is used as a last resort.

Contact support and ask for an updated ringer or chime The Anker/Eufy support team will help you remotely and will forward the issue to engineering team if the ringing randomly issue persists.

They will send you an upgraded chime which resembles your original one down to the same version numbers but with a different upgraded software code to fix the issue. The chime unit cannot be upgraded in-app or in the field (point of mounting or installation).

6. Defective device

Your device could be faulty or you may need to add extra hardware, replacement or repair or repair of worn out, loose, or torn parts. Your doorbell button could be broken or your whole doorbell and chime unit was defective from the get go.

You can take broken buttons or any suspicious logic boards to the eufy Service center. The technicians will conduct a proper diagnosis for you and fix the problem by repairing or replacing your doorbell unit. After that you can reinstall the new or repaired doorbell.

Talk to your dealer and see if they can get the device fixed especially if you are still within the warranty period or contact the official eufy support team. They can replace defective devices.

7. Wiring issue

If no one has touched your doorbell and it keeps ringing, the doorbell could have a faulty wire, a short circuit in the wire, a loose or rusty connection. Severe weather conditions tend to have an adverse effect on wiring.

You may need to call a certified electrician to check your wiring, confirm that there is no moisture or inspect your device for voltage or power surges.

Always let an electrical expert to get rid of rusted wires, loose wire connections or weak electrical contact point.

Do not attempt to clean or replace electrical wires yourself unless you are a licensed electrician as you could suffer electrical shock to your fingers or even electrocution.

8. Network Interference

Radio signals are now ubiquitous as more and more smart home, car, and office devices seek to communicate wirelessly and seamlessly. Very often these signals will be on the same bandwidth and affect the devices from which they originate.

Your doorbell and the ringer communicate using a unique Radio Frequency Identification. This unique channel could lead to a problem with your doorbell ringing on its own if there is another automated wireless electronic device on the same frequency within a very close proximity of your doorbell.

You could be a victim of the 400mHz interference. This is the sweet spot of spectrums in critical wireless communication. It has a very long range and many electronic devices operate at this frequency leading to network interference.

Try moving the chime away from the doorbell as they could be affecting each other’s signals. You can also install a ferrite ring core like the Jiakai cable clips from Amazon for suppressing electromagnetic interference.

9. Electricity related issue

A momentary loss of power, unexpected power surge or prolonged power blackout can confuse your doorbell ringer sensor when the power come backs on and be translated as activity. Connect doorbell to a power surge protector.

To correct this electric anomaly, check the voltage going into the doorbell door unit. To check the voltage, know that solid red indicates low voltage and a flashing red denotes a successful reset.

An electrical spike in the mains can disrupt the flow of current to your chime. To solve this, get a single outlet surge suppressor. This will halt the ringer unit from sounding the alarm when the switch unit is in the Off position.

Wireless doorbells need to be fully charged to operate. A blue light shows that the wireless doorbell powered by plug from mains is fully charged.

It is important to identify whether your doorbell unit is mains or battery unit powered. Your doorbell could also be in the wrong power consumption mode. Check whether your doorbell is operating in plug or battery mode by checking which icon is illuminated.

A change in the electrical source could also confuse the doorbell sensor. If you notice that your wired doorbell has switched from plug to battery mode, unplug the transformer and re-pair the doorbell and homebase unit. It will fix the issue temporarily

A wired Eufy is incompatible with existing chime as the wired video bell replaces the original doorbell. Use the supplied jumper to bypass existing chime lines.

A EUFY doorbell that keeps beeping is an indicator or of a camera which has a low battery percentage. Charging the camera battery.

10. Replace Eufy Doorbell Or Contact Support

If you’ve tried all of the fixes above and you still can’t get your doorbell to work, you can try replacing it.

I personally use the Eufy S200, which I picked up from Amazon.

View on Amazon

Or contact Eufy Support.

Note: Only pick up a new doorbell if you’re convinced the one you currently have has too many issues. There’s no point in picking up a new doorbell if the problem with your current doorbell can easily be fixed.

Other solutions include:

1. Chime fixes

You could try adjusting the ringing volume dial found on the right side of the chime body or shutting the chime from the app.

It is very disturbing and disruptive to have a doorbell ringing in the middle of the night when it is set to be silent You can also delete and re-add the door chimes from your eufySecurity app

  1. Go to Device tab
  2. Click on Doorbell Setting
  3. Select indoor chime
  4. Choose Connect

You could also try resyncing and re-pairing, try different ringers, you can switch voltage and check for moisture.

Unplug the chime, turn upside down, plug into a different socket in the same outlet. You can also unplug chime or your whole doorbell unit or select the Home/Away settings to reduce disturbance at night.

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