Etekcity Smart Plug Not Connecting to WiFi? this fix worked!

Etekcity Smart Plug Not Connecting to WiFi

An Etekcity smart plug can fail and not connect to your WiFi. So, you must look out for all the possible reasons why your smart plug is not connecting to the WiFi.

The issue can range from network compatibility problems, to weak WiFi signal, wrong WiFi password, Minor Bugs in The VeSync App, security settings, and Router Problems from manufacturing defects. Let’s delve deeper.

Why is My Etekcity Smart Plug Not Connecting to Wi-Fi?

Network Incompatibility

One main reason your Etekcity Smart Plug Won’t connect to your Wi-Fi lies in the band you’re using. Most likely, you are running your Etekcity Smart Plug on 5GHz.

While this band is fast, it has a reputation for having a shorter range and struggles to penetrate obstacles and walls. On the other hand, the 2.4 GHz, the most recommended band for your smart plug, covers a broader area.

Fix – Set Your Router to 2.4 GHz Network

To fix this issue, check your router settings and make sure it has 2.4 GHz. If yours comes with both bands and your Etekcity Smart Plug is connected to the 5GHz, disconnect it. Next, connect the Smart Plug to the 2.4 GHz network. This should resolve the problem; now, it can smoothly communicate with your Wi-Fi network.

Weak Wi-Fi Signal

Another reason your Etekcity Smart Plug Fails to connect to your Wi-Fi is the Wi-Fi strength. Your Smart plug needs a robust Wi-Fi of at least 25 Mbps if you have a few items connected to the same Wi-Fi.

Yet, if you have many smart gadgets connected to the same internet, you need at least 100-200Mbps. This is because your Wi-Fi Might be overloaded by too many gadgets, making it slow.

Fix- Move Your Router closer, Remove Obstacles, Use Wi-Fi Extenders

First, you need to install a Wi-Fi analyzer app on your smartphone to identify the signal strength and areas of interference. This will help you decide where to place your router if you need to relocate it.

You can now identify your perfect spot for the router and move it near your smart plug for a better connection. Even at relocation, disconnect some smart gadgets from the same Wi-Fi connection to ease traffic, causing a strength decline. You can even have a separate Wi-Fi for your other smart devices to prevent congestion on your leading network.

Alternatively, you can use a Wi-Fi range extender. Place it between the router and your Etekcity Smart Plug to amplify the signal. If not, invest in a Mesh Wi-Fi system, and you will receive seamless network coverage and connection to your Etekcity Smart Plug.

Wrong Wi-Fi Password

A wrong Wi-Fi password is causing your Etekcity Smart Plug not to connect to your Wi-Fi. You forgot the password, and whenever you key in the wrong password, your device fails to establish a safe connection with the Wi-Fi.

Remember, your Wi-Fi uses advanced security protocols such as WPA3 or WPA2, which need the correct Wi-Fi for an effective connection.

Fix – Double check your Wi-Fi Password and Reset It

If you do not remember your Wi-Fi password, you can call your internet provider for a reset and suggest a new password. Once you get the new password, you can now key in the correct password in your Etekcity Smart Plug.

If you had attempted to key in the wrong password several times and your device got locked out, reset the Etekcity Smart Plug to its factory settings. Reconfigure and key in the correct password. After this, your smart plug should communicate effectively.

Etekcity Smart Plug Not in Configuration Mode

Connecting your Etekcity Smart Plug to the Wi-Fi before putting it in configuration mode will lead to a failed Wi-Fi connectivity. Remember, the Etekcity smart plug follows a specific setup process that involves an integration with the VeSync App while in configuration mode.

Fix- Set the Etekcity Smart Plug on Configuration Mode

Start by plugging in your smart plug outlet to set it on a configuration mode. You will see a blue illumination on the LED indicator. Now, press the power button for a few seconds until the blue light blinks. Your smart plug is configured, and you can directly connect it to your Wi-Fi.

Presence of Minor Bugs in The VeSync App

Sometimes, the problem is a slight hitch in the VeSync app that prevents your Etekcity Smart Plug from connecting to your Wi-Fi. You know that the VeSync app is a mobile application that allows you to control your Etekcity Smart Plug from your smartphone.

Sometimes, the app might be updating to the latest version, and in the process, it interferes with your smart plug connectivity to the Wi-Fi.

Fix – Update, Restart, clear Cache, Reboot, and Factory Reset the VeSync App

First, you must confirm that you have installed the latest VeSync app on your smartphone. If not, update it to avoid compatibility issues, especially if your Etekcity Smart Plug comes with the latest software.

After upgrading, close the app and relaunch it after a few seconds. This way, you will clear any chances of any background processes or glitches interfering with the app functionality. You also can clear the cache to solve any issues caused by corrupt data.

After clearing the cache, unplug your Etekcity Smart Plug from the power source and plug it back in after a few seconds. At this point, you will have reset the smart plug’s internal settings, and you will be ready to connect it afresh and see how it will work without any problem.

Other Security Settings

If you have a new router, chances are it has some security settings that are blocking your smart plug from connecting to the internet. Some security features include firewall settings, hidden SSID, encryption protocols, and MAC address filtering.

Fix – Hidden SSID, Encryption Protocols, and MAC Address Filtering

If your new router has a MAC Address Filtering, add the smart plug address to bypass the restrictions. You can do this on your computer. Type the router’s IP Address, username, and password. Once you’ve accessed MAC address filtering settings, remove the settings, then restart your router to check if the settings have filtered away.

You must first confirm that you can access a hidden SSD from the router. You can remove it by disconnecting the router from the power source. Open the router by removing the screws following the manual to the core.

Look for the SSD, which, in most cases, sits on the motherboard. Disconnect the power and data cable connected to the SSD and remove it from its slot. Reassemble your router, power it ON, and test if your Smart plug can connect to the Wi-Fi.

When it comes to the encryption protocols, you have to confirm that they are compatible with your Smart Plug. Check your smart plug specifications and look for the information on the encrypted protocols it supports. That is either WPA2, WPA3, or HTTPS.

Once you’ve found out which encryption it has, ensure it’s the same one your Wi-Fi network uses. You must reconfigure your Wi-Fi network to a compatible encryption protocol if they do not match.

Power Outage or Disconnection from the Power Source

There might be a power outage in your home that you haven’t noticed in a minute. Alternatively, someone might have unplugged your Router connection from the power switch, cutting off the internet. Once the internet is cut off, your Etekcity Smart Plug communication with your smartphone cuts off too.

Fix – Wait for Power Restoration, reconnect your Router to the power Switch, and Invest in A Power Bank

If the problem is a power outage, you can wait for it to return. That is if you do not have a power bank or backup. If you have a generator. You can set it up to turn ON automatically in case of a power cut.

If there is still electricity and your router is OFF or disconnected, reconnect it. If it doesn’t turn ON, check if its adapter has experienced a circuit short and replace it with a new one if that’s the case. Once you confirm and solve the three power issues, your Wi-Fi should be back and connected to your Etekcity Smart Plug.

Router Problems from Manufacture Defects

If you just bought a new router and its network or Wi-Fi does not connect to your Smart Plug, yet you’ve checked everything else, and it’s working, the issue might be manufacturing defects.

Though rare, you might have bought a router with internal problems preventing it from sending Wi-Fi signals. This means that your Etekcity Smart Plug cannot connect to the Wi-Fi, and you cannot receive any communication signals.

Fix – Return the Router to the Manufacturer

If you still have the router warranty, you can return it to the manufacturer and leave it for diagnosis and repair. Sometimes, the manufacturer can give you a new router if the previous one is beyond repair or if it will take much time to repair.

But in such a case, you must ensure you do not open the router by yourself to check its internal components. You have to return it as you bought it. Any interference can void your warrant, and you will miss compensation or the benefits of a warrant.

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