Does myQ Work with Google Home?

Does myQ work with Google Home?

Connecting your myQ with the Google Home can make it even easier to control the garage door. The Google home is equipped with AI technology that allows you to speak to your device and give voice commands.

This article explains the details of myQ garage door opener and Google Home app. The article further discusses how they work together and you can connect them.

Does myQ work with Google Home?

The Google Home app is a hub that serves as command central, uniting several smart home devices.

The Google home allows you to easily access the smart video doorbell, home security cameras, smart lighting bulbs, and other smart devices with only your voice. Furthermore, the hub provides added convenience to assist in simplifying the tasks of your life.

Unfortunately, myQ does not work with Google home. However, that doesn’t means it is impossible to use myQ with Google home. MyQ is compatible and works well with Google Assistant. Of course, Google Assistant acts as the intermediary.

By connecting myQ with Google assistant on Google Home app, the whole system works seamlessly once it’s set up. Once you connect Google assistant with myQ, the virtual assistant software allows you to operate myQ through Google Home app. You can, therefore, use myQ to control your garage door, lights, and cameras using voice command through Google home app.

How to connect MyQ to Google home

As said above, Google Home doesn’t function with the MYQ garage door opener. However, you can connect your MyQ with Google assistant on Google home app.

You can link your MyQ to Google assistant in two simple steps. 1) Activate the Google Assistant service on the MyQ website, and 2) Connect MyQ to Google assistant in the Google Home app.

First, to connect your MyQ to Google assistant, ensure that you have a reliable Wi-Fi connection. MyQ operates through a Wi-Fi connection, not Bluetooth. Also, ensure to set up your Google assistant software and Google Home app on the same Wi-Fi connection.

Secondly, for the myQ to work with Google Assistant, you’ll need to download the MyQ app, Google assistant, and the Google home app on your smartphone. All are available on App Store or Google Play. Set up your myQ system according to the instruction manual. Then, choose a subscription plan and connect it to Google assistant.

The myQ service requires a subscription for it to work. If you want to connect your MyQ to Google assistant, you’ll need to add a subscription to allow the system to work.

You can choose between monthly and annual billing for your subscription. While the annual option requires payment immediately, it’s a bit cheaper than the monthly version.

Once you’ve set up your myQ system, you can connect it with your Google assistant. Follow instructions below to link your MyQ system with your Google home app.

1) Open the myQ app on your smartphone or tablet.

2) Select Works With myQ.

3) Scroll until you find Google assistant.

4) Select Launch, to launch your Google assistant app.

5) Then select the “Compass” symbol at the bottom of your Google assistant home screen.

6) Type MyQ into the explore bar.

7) Click the “Link” button next to myQ.

8) On the myQ authentication page, enter your myQ login information.

9) Select “Authenticate.”

Once you set up everything and follow the above steps, including physical installation of the hardware, downloading and setting up all apps, and linking everything to the same Wi-Fi network, the myQ is now ready to work. Your myQ should now be able to access and control everything from your Google home app.

MyQ not connecting to Google home? Do this

As discussed above, Myq does not function with Google home, but works with Google assistant. Since Google assistant is on Google Home app, your MyQ will be connected to Google home indirectly.

Connecting Google assistant to your myQ will, therefore, allow you to manage your garage door by speaking to the AI’s virtual assistant software.

Once you connect your myQ to Google assistant, it becomes even more convenient to use. You can speak and command the myQ to close the garage door and ask it to open or close the garage door.

Some of the supported commands you can use to speak to Google assistant include the following: 1) Ok Google, Tell myQ to close the garage door, 2) Ok Google, ask myQ if to close the garage door.

Subscription service

Explained above, you’ll need to a subscription service to connect your myQ to Google Assistant. In order to connect myQ into Google assistant, you’ll need to pay a subscription membership fee.

Yearly myQ subscription is $10 while monthly myQ subscription is $2. As you can see, if you decide to pay an annual subscription, it’s more affordable than the monthly subscription. Currently, MyQ Subscription service is free for a limited time.

Without subscription, you can’t close or open your garage door by pressing the button within the app. Also, without subscription, you can’t use voice control to both close and open the door. Also, you can’t connect the myQ to your home network, set up any automations or routines, or connect myQ to any rooms.

With the subscription, you can use myQ in your smartphone to close the garage door. To do this, turn on your smartphone, open Google assistant app, select the myQ, and press the button to close or open your garage door.

Connection methods

There are two methods you can use to connect your myQ garage door opener to Google assistant. These include MYQ Google assistant subscription service method and other alternative methods.

First, you can use the myQ Subscription service to link myQ to Google Assistant. The MyQ Google assistant subscription is normally a paid service, as highlighted above.

To connect your myQ with Google assistant, turn on your phone’s screen. Go to “Google assistant.” Then click the “Compass” which is located at the bottom right side. Then type “myQ” in the search bar and then click the “myQ app.”

Turn on the app by tapping it. Select “Link” and then add your myQ credentials to enable Google assistant and to operate your MyQ appliances.

MyQ requires a subscription because they intend to pay for this service in the future. Currently the subscription is free and so you can take advantage of it.

To subscribe, go to “myQ.” Once opened, “activate subscription” at the bottom of the page. To confirm the transaction, sign up for an account and execute transactions.

Alternative integration methods

Sometimes, you may find it challenging to connect myQ with Google assistant using the myQ Subscription service method. This is because you have to download relevant apps, set up accounts on these platforms, and pay a subscription fee.

Furthermore, with the myQ subscription method, you won’t be able to connect your myQ account to your Google home. Using the alternative integration method you can help you connect your myQ with Google Assistant and Google Home.

Many users prefer using the IFTTT alternative method to enhance the functionality of myQ with Google assistant. The IFTTT method is easier as compared to other alternative methods.

MyQ owners prefer using the IFTTT method to connect myQ with Google assistant because it is pretty straightforward. Using the IFTTT method to connect Google Assistant to MyQ is quite simple:

In your search bar on the smartphone, go to IFTTT and create an IFTTT account.

Go to the MyQ service page. Select one of the published Applets to enable or create your own.

Once you’ve enabled the Applet, you will be required to connect your MyQ account with the IFTTT account.

Search for “Google Assistant” and integrate it to MyQ – IFTTT enabled account.

My Final Thoughts

While MyQ is compatible and functions well with Google assistant, you can’t add it as a device in Google Home.

Connecting myQ to Google Assistant is quite easy. After you’ve done so, you’re ready to explore the exciting features of this new connection.

The moment you add your myQ to Google assistant, you can use your garage door opener conveniently through automation and voice control capabilities.

MyQ is not directly compatible with Google Home. New users will soon no longer be able to link their myQ garage door openers with Google assistant.

The only remaining options left would be connecting through installing a hardware controller or via IFTTT and the myQ Subscription service.

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