Brinks Digital Deadbolt is Not Working? Do This!

Brinks Digital Deadbolt is Not Working

1. Have you properly reset your Brinks Digital deadbolt?

This is one the very first steps when you have a new Brinks digital deadbolt. If you don’t do it correctly, your deadbolt will not work.

Before your new Brinks digital deadbolt starts working you need to do a reset. If you have not done a reset your digital lock will not work as it should.

A reset deletes any personal detail, codes, or settings that may have been stored in the smart lock, and foil any unsanctioned access or hacking.

You can usually find the reset instructions in the brinks Digital Deadbolt manual or online.

Here is the procedure you should follow to reset a Brinks digital deadbolt. You should only work on Brink’s Digital Deadbolt when it’s unlocked

  1. Turn the lock and work from the back part
  2. Open the back cover of lock, you will see batteries
  3. Unlock the digital deadbolt
  4. Locate the pinhole on the back of lock
  5. Find a pen tip, mini screw driver, or a paper clip
  6. Use any these fine tipped tools to press the pinhole button
  7. Press down on that button until you hear three loud distinct beeps
  8. Your digital deadbolt is now reset

To confirm that the Brinks Digital Deadbolt door lock is reset enter the user code and open the door.

  1. You can open the keypad door lock by pressing 1234
  2. Press BRINKS button on the device.

After resetting your Brinks Digital Deadbolt, you can now tailor the information on this smart lock to your preferences and make it more secure.

2. Have you conducted the mandatory door handing detection?

After setting up a new Brinks Digital Deadbolt or restore it default settings(reset), the first action you need to perform is to run the door handing detection process.

This process communicates to the lock the orientation of the door.

In layman’s terms, you are trying to find out whether your door is right hinged (right-handed) or left hinged (left-handed) door.

Here’s how to execute the Door Handing Detection on a Brinks Electronic Deadbolt:

    1. On the keypad, enter the default Programming Code (0000) the brinks sign will be flashing each time
    2. Tap on the BRINKS button
    3. Press 0 and then clink on the BRINKS button.
    4. The deadbolt should extend then retract
    5. The Brinks button beeps twice

If you follow the steps faithfully you will have completed a success Brinks Digital deadbolt door handing detection and your door should start working normally.

3. Have you tested whether the door locks and unlocks as it should?

You need to determine that the locking and unlocking functions of your Brinks Digital Deadbolt are working as they should.

Here are steps to follow:

To check the door unlocking and locking function using the Brink’s digital deadbolt:

    1. Input Brinks User code 1234
    2. Then press Brinks sign
    3. This should retract the bolt and unlock the door
    4. The Brink signs beeps

If the unlocking is successful, then you know your digital deadbolt is working.

4. Have you changed the default programming code?

You cannot use your Brink’s digital deadbolt without inputting a programming code.

Unlike traditional locks, digital door locks can’t be copied, since there are no physical keys. You have to change the keypad code on your residence to boost your security.

A programming code allows you to make modifications without needing to access the programming button.

This is also perfect for landlords, as they allow tenants to program the lock from the outside.

Each Brinks Digital Deadbolt comes with default programming code.

How to change the programming code?

    1. Enter 0000 (default programming code)
    2. Press on Brinks
    3. Input 4
    4. Press Brinks
    5. Enter your new Program code to 1111
    6. Then press Brinks sign
    7. Brinks sign blinks twice to indicate your Program Code is now accepted

5. Have you created a User Code?

The default programming code for Brinks Digital deadbolt is 0000, and the default user code is 1234.

You have learnt how to change the program code to by changing the code from 0000 to 1111. This helps you boost your door’s security.

You can now go further to create a further layer of safety by creating custom user codes.

The Brinks Digital Deadbolt has a capacity for up to six user codes.

Here’s how to create a user code:

  1. Input the program code you changed earlier for instance type in 1111
  2. Press Brinks sign
  3. Tap 1
  4. Press Brinks sign again
  5. Put in your custom user code for instance enter the numbers 12345

You will use this code every day. Make sure all your family members know it and it should not be too easy to hack or too hard to remember.

  1. Press Brinks sign
  2. If Brinks sign blinks twice then you have achieved a successful user code customization.
  3. Test it out
  4. Lock door (extend deadbolt)
  5. Type in new custom user code (12345)
  6. Press the Brink sign
  7. If it unlocks the door automatically then you did it right.

6. Are the battery levels in your Brinks Digital deadbolt low?

Regular functioning batteries in Brinks Digital deadbolt can last for upto a year.

Have you heard ten rapid beeps from Brinks Digital Deadbolt accompanied by red blinking flashes on your Brinks sign after pressing it?

If you answered yes to this question, then you know that your batteries are now low and cannot power your lock anymore.

It is time to replace your weak batteries with better functioning new ones.

Battery removal and replacement does not alter any settings. They are retained in the deadbolt memories cache.

The deadbolt will still operate by key when batteries are removed and not replaced.

Replace your Brinks Digital Deadbolt batteries with 4 AA batteries.

Here are the AA batteries (view on Amazon) that I use for my lock.

Common Problems When Brinks Deadbolt Is Not Working

Why is a red light is flashing on your Brinks Digital Deadbolt.?

When you see a blinking red light with no beeps, then you should know that your lock is struggling to connect to your Wi-Fi network or has lost its connection with the network.

Initiate these actions:

  1. Verify that you have selected the correct Wi-Fi channel in the settings menu of your app.
  2. If you’re using a dual band router, confirm that you’ve selected 2.4 GHz (not 5 GHz).
  3. If you’re still having trouble with accessing connectivity, power cycle your router by disconnecting the plug from the wall outlet for 30 seconds and then connecting the plug back in again.
  4. If this still does not bring back Wi-Fi connectivity, try restarting your phone or tablet by going into
  5. Settings
  6. General
  7. Reset
  8. and tapping “Reset Network Settings.”
  9. After doing this, try reconnecting to Wi-Fi again and retry opening the app if necessary.

Why can’t the bolt be extended by rotating the Turnpiece or using the Key?

The Turnpiece was configured out of phase with the handing of the door.

Fix – Retract/Extend the latch bolt from interior. Reinstall the receiver Module with the Turnpiece oriented correctly.

Turn the Turnpiece left (Counterclockwise) for installation on a right-handed door.

Turn the Turnpiece right (Clockwise) for installation on a left-handed door.

Why are you getting three beeps, three red flashes and no beeps from activated Mute function when locking door electronically?

This happens when the bolt is not extending fully.

Fix – Examine the hole behind the strike plate. It must be at least 1″ (25.4 mm) deep.

Observe the alignment of the strike plate opening with the bolt. There may be obstruction, especially if the door has warped due to a change in the weather.

Fix 2 – You may need to adjust the position of the strike plate.

Why are you getting three beeps, three red flashes and no beeps from activated Mute function when unlocking door electronically?

The bolt is locking, and is binding against the strike plate. There may be a hindrance, especially if the door has warped due to a change in the weather.

Fix – You may need to adjust the position of the strike plate.

Why are you receiving three beeps, three red flashes and no beeps from activated Mute function when attempting to enter a function.

This is a programming error. The Programming Code is incorrect or you are attempting to enter the sequence too quickly.

Check your Programming Code again. You may have changed it recently.

Fix – If you have forgotten it, you can Reset the default settings.

If the Programming Code is up-to-date, then you may be entering the programming sequence too quickly.

Fix 2 – After inputting the Programming Code and pressing the Brinks programming button, wait for the Brinks button to begin flashing orange before proceeding.

Why can’t the door be locked by pressing the programming button and you can hear three beeps after installing batteries?

The Door Handing Detection Function has not been executed or is not finished.

Fix – Detect Left/Right Hand Door Installation.

Always run this step on fi­rst installation or after a default setting restoration. The motor will not operate and no other programming function can be entered before completing this step.

Why is there no response, no beeps when you press any button, after installing batteries?

The unit is not receiving power.

Fix – Inspect the cable connection and the polarity of the batteries. Also confirm the batteries are not dead.

Why is the latch bolt suddenly locking up and pressing the programming button or entering a User Code results in no action?

The lock has been operating but now the unit has lost its handing orientation and the motor does not know which way to operate.

Fix – Detach a battery and push a few buttons on the keypad to release any residual electrical signal.

Fix 2 – Replace the battery; the unit will automatically re-detect the door handing.

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