4 Best Password Protected Thermostats


Not all password-protected thermostats are created equal. You will want to go for the ones that provide maximum value for money. And that’s why in this article, I present to you the best password-protected thermostats in the market today, providing you with all the details you need to make an informed decision for yourself.

Best Password Protected Thermostats

Understand the basics

  1. To be clear, password protection on thermostats simply means thermostats whose user interface and settings are accessed using an access code.
  2. Password-protection only protects against unauthorized tampering of the thermostat user interface and settings. It is not a protection against theft or destruction of the thermostat appliance itself

Criteria and Features Reviewed

The criteria for ranking the best password-protected thermostats include rich features and granular control, affordability, accessibility, durability, reliability, and ease of use.

Rich features and granular control – I believe that password-protected thermostats should provide comprehensive temperature regulating features in addition to having password protection.

You want a thermostat that is comprehensive enough but also takes into account different real-life scenarios and use cases when it comes to using and locking the appliance.

Affordability – Getting a password-protected Thermostat does not mean that you need to break the bank. No matter the qualities of the password protected thermostat, I believe that it should be affordable and provide the right balance of quality and cost.

Accessibility – I have come across several products that had excellent features and pricing but were hardly ever accessible to users. Some of them were either only available at specific outlets or even discontinued.

It makes no sense to recommend a product that you will find difficult to purchase or one that would make you need to spend a lot of time and logistics resources to acquire.

Durability – What use is a password protected thermostat if it only works for a few months or years and then stops working? You will want to purchase a password protected thermostat that will serve for a long time to come, giving you peace of mind and best value for money

Reliability – Password protected thermostats are a relatively new venture for thermostat manufacturers. I have found that some manufacturers are yet to achieve the required competence for this feature. As a result, you will find some password-protected thermostats that will not always work as they should.

I have presented thermostats that are tested over a reasonable period, and confirmed to be reliable during the test period.

Ease-of-use – No matter how feature-rich, comprehensive, durable, and reliable a password protected thermostat is, if it is not easy to use, it becomes more a hassle than a solution. Therefore, I have gone for thermostats that are easy to use for anybody, whether you are tech-savvy or not.

1. Siemens RDS110 Smart Thermostat

This, to me, is the most comprehensive and reliable password-protected thermostat in the market today.

I will simply list out some of its features and let you see for yourself.

  1. Direct temperature and operating mode selection
  2. Air quality indication: “Good”, “Okay”, “Poor”
  3. Temperature setting limitation for use in public spaces
  4. Screen lock protection against unauthorized access
  5. Manual switchover between “At home”, “Away” and “Off” on touch screen
  6. Room temperature control using the built-in temperature sensor or an optional remote
  7. sensor
  8. Optional temperature averaging using an additional remote temperature sensor
  9. Patented self-learning algorithm with PID response (patent pending) guaranteeing optimum temperature control performance in all room types
  10. Optimum start control function that advances the switch-on time to ensure the selected
  11. setpoint is reached as required
  12. Floor temperature limitation using a remote sensor in electric floor-heating applications
  13. Humidity control using the built-in humidity sensor or an optional remote sensor


  • You can set Administrator Passcode in addition to user access code, for use when you forget the user access code.
  • Presence detection using a built-in PIR sensor or approach sensor. You do not buy this separately
  • Two multifunctional inputs, optional and configurable for, Universal contact, Operating mode switchover contact, Remote room temperature sensor, Floor temperature sensor, Outside air temperature sensor, Remote humidity sensor
  • Two relay outputs for Heating equipment and Extra output for domestic hot water (DHW) boiler, humidifier or dehumidifier
  • Periodic pump/valve operation to protect against seizing
  • Navigation wizard for guided, fast commissioning
  • Remote firmware upgrade capability


It is pricier than others on this list, but it’s very well worth it

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2. Nest Learning Thermostat: Gen 3

It was really hard to choose which one comes first between the Siemens and this Google Nest Learning Thermostat.

Google Nest Learning thermostat is a pioneer in energy saving for thermostats. It was the first thermostat to get energy star certified. It is programmed to learn what temperature you like and build a schedule around your routine. The Google Nest Learning thermostat has been known to save up to 12% on heating bills and 15% on cooling bills.

It also allows you to track how much energy you use every day, and see suggestions on how you can use less.

This thermostat works with a temperature sensor which allows the device to know which room should be a certain temperature at a certain time of the day. All you need to do is put the thermostat on a wall or shelf in the rooms that matter the most, and allow the thermostat to learn your temperature preferences over time.

The most outstanding thing about this thermostat is that it programs itself. The thermostat automatically adapts as your life and the seasons change by learning your particular heating and cooling requirements in just a week. Afterwards it programs itself accordingly.

Another super impressive feature which is what allows it to save you tons on energy is that the device uses sensors and your phone’s location to check if you’ve left the house and then set itself to an eco-friendly temperature to save energy. You can also adjust the temperature from wherever you are so that you can heat up or cool the house before you even get home.


  • Automatic and significant energy saving using the auto eco-friendly feature
  • Administration and control from anywhere using Nest app or Google home app
  • Ability to learn your daily and long-term temperature needs and set them up automatically without needing your intervention
  • Super easy to install and use
  • Display language in English, French, Dutch, Spanish, and Italian
  • An impressive less than 1 kWh power consumption per month
  • Can save up to $125 with utility rewards and rebates
  • Compatibility with 95% of 24V heating and cooling systems including Gas, electric, forced air, heat pump, radiant, oil, hot water, solar, and geothermal systems
  • Three heating stages and two cooling stages
  • Catches heating and cooling system issues early
  • Voice control with Google and Alexa
  • WIFI connectivity


  • Temperature Sensor to determine which rooms should be a certain temperature at a certain time of day is sold separately

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This Honeywell thermostat allows you to lock different parts of the thermostat. You can lock just some features on the thermostat while leaving the rest accessible to everyone else; or you can lock the entire thermostat interface. That is, partial lock and full lock modes.

The thermostat also allows you to monitor and administer the thermostat away from home. You can do this using your computer, smartphone, or tablet to program the thermostat away from home and regulate the heating or cooling, according to your needs.

With the Total Connect® Comfort App, you can monitor and adjust heating and cooling usage, stay on top of indoor humidity levels, and automatically receive email alerts related to safety, comfort, and energy. The app works with a wide range of popular connected devices.


  • Voice control with with Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT
  • Ability to lock partly or fully
  • Smart Thermostat with WIFI connectivity
  • Control from anywhere using any device
  • Significant savings with Utility rewards
  • Up to 3 Heat/2 Cool Heat Pump Systems, Up to 2 Heat/2 Cool Conventional Systems
  • Programmable for up to 7 days


  • No habit learning feature
  • No auto ecofriendly mode feature

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4. ecobee3 Lite Smart Thermostat

Just like the Honeywell thermostat, the ecobee 3 lite allows you to lock either parts of the thermostat features or the entire thermostat.

I love the focus on energy saving that this thermostat brings; quite similar to the Google Nest above.

It also has the smart sensor, which is sold separately, to allow you choose which temperatures that specific rooms should be at certain times. Again, just like with the Nest Learning Thermostat.

Ecobee is also energy Star rated, and you can save up to 23% on annual energy costs

You can control the thermostat from anywhere using the mobile app on Android and iOS devices


  • Pauses when doors or windows are left open for 5 minutes and notifies you
  • Voice control with Alexa, Apple Home, Google Assistant, IFTTT, and SmartThings
  • Energy Star certified with significant energy savings
  • Automatically heats or cools when electricity is cheaper and cleaner
  • Has different modes like Vacation mode which allows you to adjust the temperature automatically when the mode it set.
  • Sends alerts if there is disruption such as if there is sudden drop in temperature that could lead to hazards like frozen or burst pipes
  • Also uses smart sensor to learn your routine and recommend changes to your thermostat schedule


Smart sensor is sold separately

Smart sensor does not adjust temperature automatically. It makes recommendations instead. This can be an administrative overhead

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