Best Batteries For Blink Doorbell

Best Batteries For Blink Doorbell

In any case, there must come a time when you need to replace the batteries on your Blink video doorbell, which is probably why you’re reading this article in the first place.

You need adequate information to decide which batteries are best for your Blink video doorbell so that you don’t have to worry about replacements or malfunction for a long time to come.

Well, I have done all that research for you, and will be presenting you with detailed information on the best replacement batteries for your Blink video doorbell.

Which Batteries Are Needed for Blink Doorbell?

Your Blink video doorbell is shipped with a pair of AA size lithium batteries. Now, you may have heard people or even read articles that suggest that you can replace these batteries with rechargeable AA batteries. This is categorically false.

To state it clearly, Blink video doorbells only use one pair of non-rechargeable, Lithium Metal, size AA, 1.5v batteries. No more, no less. As at the time of writing this article, Blink doorbell does not support rechargeable batteries or other battery sizes other than AA 1.5v.

What Makes a Set of AA Batteries Good?

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about what makes a set of AA batteries good. I mean, it’s just AA batteries and they are pretty much all the same, right?

Well, absolutely not. There are AA batteries, and there are top-of-the-range, reliable, high-output, safe, durable, versatile, and resilient AA batteries.

With an important setup like a Blink video security doorbell, you need AA batteries that you can rely on to support the energy-intensive processes of the system. The AA batteries must therefore:

  • Last several times longer than normal alkaline batteries
  • Be weather resistant and highly resilient to environmental factors
  • Not leak out even after they are dead or when they are not in active use for a long period
  • Be in a constant state of charge for devices that need to be dormant for a long period, but also need to be ready in an instant

But there is a point to be made here. A distinction, rather. AA does not equal Lithium. There are Alkaline, Zinc, Rechargeable Alkaline, and even Nicad AA batteries. AA is just a voltage and form factor.

The qualities of these different AA form factors differ. But the best, without a doubt, is the Lithium Ion AA. And thankfully, that’s what Blink video doorbells use.

Best Batteries For Blink Doorbell

1. Energizer Ultimate e2 1.5 Volt AA Cylindrical Lithium Battery

If you’re surprised that Duracell is not at number one, I am pretty sure that you are not alone in that. However, there is no doubt that Energizer is currently the king of lithium AA batteries.

Why? Well, you know the qualities of a good AA battery that I listed above? They were informed by the performance of Energizer Ultimate e2 1.5V AA Cylindrical Lithium Batteries.

  • Power a temperature sensor in a remote location? Check.
  • Power Items that need to be stored for a long period and ready in an instant? Check.
  • Last incredibly long? Check. And lots more.

It is no wonder that this battery is shipped with the Blink video doorbell and is their number one recommended battery product.

I mean, think about it. Why would a company ship its products with batteries that are likely to leak out before they get to customers? Exactly. In Blink’s case, it’s because they are confident in its durability.

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  • Energizer e2 1.5v AA simply refuses to discharge if stored away for a long time
  • Lasts the longest on any use rate, on any device
  • Versatility of use is unrivalled
  • Does not leak out under any circumstance
  • It is the only battery that consistently delivers on multiple use cases and systems


  • Personally, I find no cons in this product. Some users state that it is pricey, but they always immediately follow that up with the acknowledgment that the price is well worth it.

And if I may, it does make sense that they are pricey. You see, even though all Lithium-ion batteries are (or should be) made from the same materials and components, what determines the quality of the battery is the quality and purity the components. This is one of those occasions where pricier is actually better.

2. NINMAX Lithium AA Batteries 3500mAh

Specially designed for high-tech systems, the NINMAX lithium comes a close second to Energizer. They have gone with the Convoluted Fold Technology to cause the electrolyte or ions to adsorb on the membrane, prevent leakage, and protect your equipment.

I have it on good authority that this product was optimized for Blink video doorbells and cameras.

Anyways, it is another highly versatile product that works perfectly for security systems, smoke detectors, virtual reality controllers, toys, emergency lanterns, solar lights, radios, and lots more.

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  • Consistent performance at temperatures -40°F to 140°F
  • Very versatile for use in both high and low drain devices
  • 3500mAh pack of 24 batteries
  • Has a shelf life of about 20 years


No cons. It is a bit pricier than Energizer but that probably because it has a lot more batteries. 6 times more, actually.

3. EBL 8 Pack + 16 Pack 3000mAh 1.5V AA Lithium Batteries

These batteries give you the impression of that efficient worker that quietly goes about performing their role with excellence, on a consistent basis.

Maybe it’s got something to do with its unassuming look and lighter weight? But then, super lithium AA batteries offer high power density which causes them to be relatively small and light.

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  • Constant 3000mAH output with 10-year shelf life
  • Long-lasting for use on high-tech devices
  • Zero leakage no matter the state of the batteries. The manufacturers claim that the battery has passed 14 safety tests. While I cannot speak to this number, I can certainly speak to their safety and reliability.
  • -40° F to 140 ° F temperature range performance


If there are any, I would love to know about them!

Get The Best Out Of Your Blink Doorbell Batteries

At the start of this article, I mentioned that integrating the doorbell with a Sync Module will enhance battery life. The Sync Module is the HomeBase for Eufy equivalent on a Blink Doorbell.

It is essentially a hub that relays commands and network details to Blink cameras and doorbells in the system it manages. The benefits of using a Sync Module include:

  • Enjoy longer camera battery life because the Sync Module is always available.
  • Conveniently control all of your Blink devices from the Blink app.
  • Connect up to 10 Blink devices.
  • Support local video storage for up to 10 Blink cameras.
  • Record and store motion clips when you insert a USB flash drive (up to 256 GB – sold separately).
  • Connect all Blink cameras to a single IP address in the system it manages.

You can get one here on Amazon

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