Alexa Only Beeps at 3am? Try These Fixes

Alexa Only Beeps at 3am

When it is 3 in the morning the last thing you want to be hearing is your Echo device beeping. Many things can cross your mind, is my Alexa acting up?

Is someone playing a prank on me? Is my device haunted? Thankfully hearing the beeping on your Alexa at 3 am does not mean that there is a ghost haunting your Alexa. However, it does mean that something could be wrong with your Echo device.

The reason why you are hearing a beeping noise coming from your Echo device at 3 am can vary. It could be as simple as needing to check the volume routine, it could be something with your notification and it could also just be a faulty echo device.

Whatever the reason is there are ways you can fix this issue yourself, follow the steps below to see why your Alexa is beeping at 3 am.

Why Does My Alexa Only Beeps at 3am?

Having a beeping noise coming from your Echo device at 3 am can disrupt your sleep and if you are someone who can not fall back to sleep easily this can be quite annoying.

If you are hearing beeping coming from your Alexa at 3 am, keeping you from a good night’s sleep this is an issue you will want to fix right away.

The most common reasons why you are hearing a beeping noise coming from your Alexa at 3 am is the volume routine, the notification settings, and the low battery.

These issues are easy to fix inside the Alexa app and change the batteries to new ones. Whatever the reason is on why your Alexa only beeps only at 3 am there are things to check and ways to solve this problem.

Listed below I will be going over the most common reasons why your Alexa only beeps at 3 am and how you can troubleshoot this yourself.

1. Volume Routine is Set to 3am

There is a feature that is on your Echo device that you may not know about, and that is the volume routine. The volume routine allows you to set a routine on your Echo device that will automatically change your volume throughout the day.

When the volume change happens your Alexa will beep every time.

If the volume routine is set to 3 am on your Echo device a beep will happen every morning at 3 am disturbing your sleep. This is an easy thing to fix inside the Alexa app.

Fix – Change Volume Routine in Alexa App

The volume routine feature on your Alexa will allow your Echo device to automatically change the volume at a scheduled time.

When the volume change happens you will hear a beeping noise notifying you of the change. You can change this routine by going into the settings on your Alexa app. Follow these steps to change the volume routine on your Alexa.

Note, if you have multiple Echo devices in your home you will need to do this with every device.

  1. Open the Alexa app on a smartphone/tablet
  2. In The top right corner tap on the “Alexa” icon
  3. Click on the “Routine” tab
  4. Scroll until you see the routine set for 3 am
  5. You can either delete that routine or set it to another time. This should stop the beeping at 3 am.

2. Alexa Notification Settings

Owning a smart device like Alexa in your home also functions as your smartphone as well. Alexa will notify you when you have a message, email, social media notification, and any general notification that you get on your smartphone.

Instead of vibrating like a phone, the Echo device will beep, notifying you that you have a message. So if you have someone who always messages you at 3 am or an app that always sends a notification at 3 am, your Echo device will beep.

You can control the notification you receive on your Alexa, which app you want to get notifications from, and if you want Alexa to notify you when you get a message. Like the fix above changing the notification setting on your Alexa is just a few easy steps.

Note, if you do not want to disable a notification setting you can mute the Echo device at night and unmute it once you wake up.

Fix – Change Alexa Notification Settings

You have full control of what notifications you want to receive on your Alexa. If you have an app that keeps sending you notifications at 3 am and wakes you up hearing the beeping noise then you might want to change that.

Alexa does make it easy for you to change the notification setting, follow these steps to change the notification settings on your Alexa.

  1. Go into your Alexa app on your smartphone/tablet
  2. Select the “More” option
  3. Select “Settings”
  4. Scroll until you see the “Notification” tab, tap on that
  5. You can “Disable” all notifications or you can select certain apps you want to disable the notification. This should stop the beeping at 3 am giving you a quiet night’s sleep.

3. Echo Device Battery is Low

Is your Echo Device still beeping at 3 am even after you changed the volume routine and the notification settings? Have you checked the charge on your Echo Device recently?

The Echo devices in your home do have a battery that can become low after some time. Your Alexa is on all day and all night, your Echo device battery can become low at any time.

Yes, even at 3am. When the battery is low on your Alexa will start to beep repeatedly. This can wake you up in the middle of the night if the beeping is going off at 3 am.

Fix – Charge the Battery on Echo Device

Keeping your Echo device regularly charged should be a routine for you when owning an Alexa. But this is something that most people tend to forget about. If your Alexa is beeping at you at 3 am this will definitely bring your attention to the issue.

If your battery is low this will cause your Echo device to beep repeatedly which can be very irritating, especially at 3 am. Thankfully the only thing you have to do is plug in your Echo device to charge the battery, once you see all lights stop blinking it is fully charged.

4. Alarms/Reminds Are Set to 3am on Your Alexa

Was there a time when you had to set an alarm or a reminder at 3 am to wake you up early? Did you ever delete that alarm? What some people forget to do is delete past alarms that they have set.

If there was a time you set a reminder or an alarm at 3 am it could still be going off every morning waking you up. This will not stop until you delete or change the alarm or reminder.

Fix – Delete Alarm/Reminder on Your Alexa

If you have a past alarm or reminder that never got deleted it will still go off at the set time until it is changed or deleted. Even an alarm or reminder set at 3 am will go off every early morning until you go into the Alexa app and change or delete it.

This only takes a few steps, once you have deleted this alarm or reminder this should stop the beeping you are hearing at 3 am, letting you sleep through the night. Follow the step below to delete an alarm or reminder on your Alexa.

  1. Delete Reminder on Your Alexa
  2. Go into the Alexa app on your smartphone/tablet
  3. Tap on the “More” icon
  4. Select the “Reminders”
  5. Scroll through reminders is find the 3 am Reminder
  6. If you have a 3 am Reminder delete all the ones you see
  7. Delete Alarms on Your Alexa
  8. Go into the Alexa app on your smartphone/tablet
  9. Tap on the “More” icon
  10. Select the “Alarms & Timers” option
  11. Scroll through the alarms that you have set
  12. If you see any 3 am alarms delete them by holding onto the alarm for a few seconds

Note, you can do this by voice command saying “Alexa, delete all alarms for 3 am”. But to make sure they are all deleted you should go into the app.

5. Faulty Echo Device

You made sure your Echo device is charged, the notifications are turned off, the volume routine is disabled, and you do not have any alarms or reminders set for 3 am, and your Echo device is still beeping.

This could be because of a faulty device, if you have had your Echo device for a long time an issue can occur. Even if you have a newly bought Echo Device this issue can still happen due to a manufacturing problem, not all devices are perfect.

This may be an issue that you can not fix yourself or an issue that can not be fixed on this device.

Fix – Contact Support/Replace Echo Device

When you have tried every fix above and you are still experiencing the beeping going off at 3 am this may be time to contact the support team. The support team will go over other options you can take for your Echo device.

If you have a warranty on the Echo device see if you can get it replaced with a new one. If you do not you may have to look into getting a new Echo device for your home.

I personally use the Echo Dot 2022 model, which I picked up from Amazon.


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